When it comes to paving politics, Liberals & Tories are on same path; NDP offers change

SAINT JOHN – NDP Leader and Saint John East by-election candidate Dominic Cardy is demanding answers from Liberal Premier Brian Gallant after an email surfaced suggesting Liberal-friendly paving companies will be favoured for government contracts.

“It hasn’t taken the Liberals long to show their true colours,” Cardy said. “Brian Gallant promised a new approach to government. What we’ve instead seen is a Liberal backroom happy to be back in charge of handing out our tax dollars to their friends.”

“The NDP has a draft bill ready to go that will take the political interference out of infrastructure contracts. We sent copies to the Liberals and the Conservatives, but the only way to ensure that this bill is presented is to have an NDP voice in the Legislature.”

The NDP bill would prevent political interference in the allocation of paving contracts, with decisions to be made based on the advice of road engineers according to the road conditions and current and projected use.
Cardy referenced the 2011 email from PC MLA Jake Stewart to the Department of Transportation, requesting that a specific gravel company be used for construction in his riding.

“The Liberals and Tories are the same when it comes to patronage: oppose it in opposition, do it when you’re in government,” Cardy said. “The NDP pushed the old parties to limit patronage when it comes to hiring the heads of crown corporations. They passed a law the NDP drafted. In the Saint John East by-election voters will have a chance to vote for a proven patronage fighter. It’s clear the Liberals need to wake up, and I’m ready to make them listen.”

“New Brunswickers deserve better than Liberal and Tory MLAs and activists taking care of their friends and forgetting everyone else,” Cardy said.