When it comes to grabbing more money from taxpayers, Liberals and Tories playing same old politics, Cardy says

FREDERICTON – NDP Leader Dominic Cardy is saying the Liberal and Tories are both the same when it comes to gouging more and more money from New Brunswickers.

“When the Tories increased fees in 2014 Brian Gallant called it a betrayal of the public’s trust,” Cardy said. “Now that he’s in government, Mr. Gallant has no issue with raising fees, even when it’s an additional $8.2 million.”

“As for the Tories,” Cardy said, “it’s no surprise, now that they are in opposition, that they are now condemning the Liberals for doing something they did when in government.”

“New Brunswickers are simply tired of these two old parties saying one thing in opposition and another in government,” Cardy said.

“On top of all the increased fees, many New Brunswickers now also have to travel further to access Service New Brunswick locations because of Liberal cuts,” Cardy said.

“The NDP believes dishonesty in politics is one of the issues plaguing New Brunswick the most,” Cardy said. “Our party has always been honest with New Brunswickers and we’ll continue to do so leading into the next election.”

“Because New Brunswick deserves better.”