Time for Rousselle to be mature and accountable, says Cardy

FREDERICTON – NDP Leader Dominic Cardy condemned Education Minister Serge Rousselle for avoiding accountability and refusing to make any public statements on the recent court decision to cease plans to close the Brown’s Flat Elementary and Lorne Middle schools. Cardy said that Rousselle has shown nothing but his ministerial weakness in handling this matter.

Cardy said that Minister Rousselle is once again showing that he either disregards the rule of law or is fully ignorant of it. “Rousselle has sadly done this before and now he’s ignoring the courts full out. He is either trying to avoid reality or is incapable of knowing it. Either way, he is unfit for this position.”

Cardy added the following: “Rousselle is part of a Gallant Liberal government that talked about doing politics differently. I guess what was meant by that was hiding from the people affected by this government’s reckless decisions,” Cardy said. “Instead of having the courage of his convictions and at least responding to court rulings and public outcry, Rousselle is getting district superintendents and principals to do his dirty work, calling parents to tell them that their schools will still be closing. It is the actions of a Minister who lacks the competence and courage to be a public servant.”