Throne Speech lacking specifics to tackle debt & deficit, protect social programs Cardy says

FREDERICTON – NDP Leader Dominic Cardy says the Liberal government’s first throne speech lacks plans to deal with the economy, the deficit and the debt.

“It is clear, from this throne speech, that Brian Gallant has no plan to balance the books, tackle the debt and turning this economy around,” Cardy said. “Instead, we hear the same old Liberal rhetoric. We’ve already seen from leaked Liberal emails that this means more for friends of the government.”

“We have a $400 million deficit; our debt is over $12 billion,” Cardy said, “We cannot afford to borrow $900 million to give to Liberal paving companies.”

“Brian Gallant had a chance to show New Brunswickers that he could govern differently,” Cardy said. “This is a missed opportunity end billions in handouts to corporations, a missed opportunity for real action on the economy and a missed opportunity for real change in New Brunswick.”

“We applaud increases in the minimum wage and other small steps to make life better for New Brunswick families,” Cardy said, “but increases in spending have to be matched by savings – and I saw no plan for the government to move in the right direction. New Brunswick deserves better.”