Teachers before arenas, says Cardy

FREDERICTON – New Brunswick NDP Leader Dominic Cardy is opposed to the Liberal Government’s decision to give $21 million for construction of an arena in Moncton if the money is being taken from teachers and daycares.

“Brian Gallant talks about tough decisions and difficult choices,” Cardy said. “Apparently it’s an easy decision for Mr. Gallant to fire 300 teachers then throw $20 million dollars at an arena.”

“The Liberals need to step up, make the right decision, and get their priorities straight,” Cardy said. “In a CRA poll that came out today 79% of New Brunswickers said they oppose cuts to education. We want investment in education system to come before a new home for a privately-owned hockey team.”

“The choice is simple,” Cardy said. “The Liberals are choosing to neglect kids and families while benefiting those already well off. An NDP government would have vastly different priorities: we will stop handouts to private companies and make the investments in education Mr. Gallant promised in opposition but has discarded as Premier. When the books are balanced and our education system is world class, then we can talk about arenas. Government is about choices. Premier Gallant’s are all wrong.”

“New Brunswick deserves better.”