Province Must Respect All Pensioners

FREDERICTON – The New Brunswick NDP supports the legislation to reform the Pension Benefits Act which enables a financial boost to the Twin Rivers Paper Co pension plan. However, NDP Chief of Staff and Fredericton North candidate Brian Duplessis believes the government must respect pension fairness for all New Brunswick pensioners.

“We believe that a contract is a contract is a contract. Unfortunately, this concept hasn’t been respected by the current government which imposed a shared-risk pension plan on tens of thousands of our public sector retirees. We believe any changes must be made with consent and strictly on a go-forward basis,” Duplessis said.

Duplessis also expressed concern over the fact the Brian Gallant led Liberals conducted polls on the pension issue last fall.

“They polled every possible scenario including expanding to shared risk model to other public sector unions. They won’t say what they would do regarding pensions and the fact they polled every possible position should make our pensioners nervous. They deserve better than the uncertainty the Liberals are creating,” Duplessis said.