Premier Gallant neglecting to stand up for New Brunswick with silence on Energy East, says Cardy

FREDERICTON – NDP Leader Dominic Cardy is calling on Premier Gallant to join Alberta Premier Rachel Notley and stand up for New Brunswick in carbon tax negotiations with the Federal Government.

“Two Atlantic Canadian Liberal governments walked out on meetings with the federal government over its carbon tax ultimatum. Premier Gallant was nowhere to be found,” Cardy said. “When Alberta Premier Rachel Notley told the Prime Minister that Alberta would only accept the federal carbon price on the condition that the federal government make concrete progress on pipelines, Premier Gallant stayed silent. Is Premier Gallant standing up for New Brunswick or for Mr. Trudeau?”

“Premier Gallant’s neglect for New Brunswick can only be explained in two ways,” said Cardy. “Either his government has decided to break their campaign promise of supporting Energy East or Premier Gallant can’t stand up to Ottawa. Which one is it?”

Cardy concluded: “If this Government is truly committed to moving New Brunswick forward, Premier Gallant will stand with Premier Notley’s bold call for progress on pipeline development. It’s time for Gallant to stand up and stop being a puppet for Liberals in Ottawa.”