Premier Gallant ignores education and municipal reform

FREDERICTON – NDP Leader Dominic Cardy criticised the Gallant government’s third Throne Speech, saying it ignores critical issues facing New Brunswickers.

“No help for municipalities. No specifics when it comes to education and healthcare. Deception on jobs. Today’s Throne Speech continued the Gallant government’s tradition of repeating past promises with no acknowledgement of past failures”, Cardy said.

“Last week we learned that 80% of Grade 6 students failed mathematics, 74% failed science and nearly half could not meet the provincial reading standards. There were no mentions of this crisis in the Throne Speech. Just more platitudes.”

“Why is our province ignoring the best education models in the world – models his own Department of Education are recommending! Instead of Brian Gallant deciding our children’s curriculum let’s give principals, teachers and parents control over our schools. We need to let our kids work according to their ability, being pushed to succeed by teachers who know what makes each child excited about learning.”

“On jobs the government claims they’ve ‘created jobs’ when all they’ve done is spend tax money and given it to private companies. That’s not job creation, it’s a scam, and one that the tax payers of New Brunswick are paying for. Corporate welfare gives money to corporations, it doesn’t create real jobs for New Brunswickers,” Cardy said.

“In September the Gallant government promised a new Municipalities Act. Where is it? We need to take the power away from the Premier and his friends and give it back to communities, where it belongs.”

Mr. Cardy concluded: “The Gallant government keeps increasing taxes, has overseen the biggest cuts to education in 20 years, and seems more interested in arguing about French immersion than teaching English and French kids to read. New Brunswick deserves better.”