Cardy applauds STU Social Work Students for Pro-Choice Petition

Fredericton – New Brunswick New Democratic Party Leader Dominic Cardy applauds the effort of Kathleen Martin and her fellow St. Thomas University social work students for their pro-choice petition introduced in the Legislature today by Minister Craig Leonard.

“Kathleen and her team put in a lot of hard work gathering the more than 13,000 names on that petition,” Cardy said. “I am impressed by their dedication and commitment to winning protection for a woman’s right to choose.”

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News article: Former Liberal MLA LeBlanc joins NDP ranks

SAINT JOHN — Former Liberal MLA Abel LeBlanc is the newest member of the provincial New Democratic Party.

LeBlanc said at press conference in Saint John on Monday his move comes from a desire to see things change for the better in New Brunswick.

“We’ve gone down the same worn out path with these two other parties and things aren’t going to get any better if we keep going back to them,” he said in a press release. “The NDP offers a real chance for change and that appeals to me.”

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Editorial: An NB Liquor income trust

The New Brunswick New Democratic Party is continuing its tack toward the political centre, unveiling more platform planks meant to give voters a legitimate third option in advance of the coming provincial election. The party’s latest proposal aims to take a bite out of the province’s enormous mountain of debt, by creating an NB Liquor income trust that would allow private investors from within New Brunswick to take a share in the regular profits from the liquor monopoly. In exchange, the money generated from income trust sales would be applied to the provincial debt – a measure the NDP estimates could save the province tens of millions in interest payments.

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News article: NDP would pay down debt, share NB Liquor profits

FREDERICTON — New Brunswick’s NDP is proposing to raise as much as $1.1 billion to pay down the provincial debt by selling off a stake of the future earnings in NB Liquor.

Under the NDP plan, 49 per cent of the company’s profits would be dispersed through an income trust. Liquor corporation employees and New Brunswick residents would get preferential access to shares.

“Instead of selling off (NB Liquor) to corporate interests on Bay Street or in Hong Kong, or to friends of the government, the money will stay in New Brunswick for New Brunswickers,” said NDP Leader Dominic Cardy.

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Editorial: The NDP’s tax cut pledge

NDP leader Dominic Cardy is continuing to steer his party toward the ideological centre of New Brunswick politics, a political sweet spot that happens to be where many of the province’s voters usually land on election day. The latest example of Mr. Cardy’s centrist thinking is evident in his proposal to eliminate the provincial small business tax if his party forms the next government.

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