News article: NDP would pay down debt, share NB Liquor profits

FREDERICTON — New Brunswick’s NDP is proposing to raise as much as $1.1 billion to pay down the provincial debt by selling off a stake of the future earnings in NB Liquor.

Under the NDP plan, 49 per cent of the company’s profits would be dispersed through an income trust. Liquor corporation employees and New Brunswick residents would get preferential access to shares.

“Instead of selling off (NB Liquor) to corporate interests on Bay Street or in Hong Kong, or to friends of the government, the money will stay in New Brunswick for New Brunswickers,” said NDP Leader Dominic Cardy.

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Editorial: The NDP’s tax cut pledge

NDP leader Dominic Cardy is continuing to steer his party toward the ideological centre of New Brunswick politics, a political sweet spot that happens to be where many of the province’s voters usually land on election day. The latest example of Mr. Cardy’s centrist thinking is evident in his proposal to eliminate the provincial small business tax if his party forms the next government.

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News article: Cardy says NDP will eliminate small business tax

FREDERICTON • New Democrat Leader Dominic Cardy says his party would eliminate the small business tax if elected to form government later this year.

In a speech laying out the broad strokes of the party’s platform, Cardy said his party would also create an independent environmental agency to enact a science-based approach to development policy, and move quickly to return the province to balanced budgets.

Cardy was the third in a series of five provincial party leaders to speak as part of the Fredericton Chamber of Commerce political leadership series in the lead-up to September’s provincial election.

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News article: NDP accuses Liberals of misleading public on abortion stance

New Brunswick’s NDP is accusing the provincial Liberal Opposition of misleading voters on its abortion policy.

Liberal Leader Brian Gallant seemed to open the door to changing his party’s long-standing policy on abortion after the Morgentaler clinic in Fredericton announced it will close.

The Liberals have long supported the provincial policy of funding hospital abortions through medicare only if they’re considered medically necessary and two doctors agree, meaning, in effect, there was no debate and no difference of opinion between the Tories and Liberals on abortion.

Now, Gallant said that policy may be too restrictive and has called for a review of the police in light of the Morgentaler clinic’s decision to close.
Brian Gallant on abortion

Liberal Leader Brian Gallant called on Premier David Alward to launch a review of the province’s abortion policy on Thursday after the Morgentaler clinic announced its decision to close its private facility in Fredericton.

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News article: NDP seeks conflict of interest probe into MLA loan

FREDERICTON – New Democrat Leader Dominic Cardy says Tory MLA Greg Davis has violated the province’s conflict of interest act by failing to report a loan he received from his own party to the New Brunswick conflict commissioner.

Cardy said he will request in writing Thursday that the conflict commissioner’s office conduct an investigation into the alleged breach.

The NDP leader said that he will also call on the commissioner to launch a detailed examination into the expenses of all MLAs in each of the last two governments, citing broader failures and a lack of oversight of the expense reporting system.

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