MacMullin to run for NDP in Moncton East

FREDERICTON – Energy consultant Roy MacMullin accepted the NDP nomination for Moncton East Monday night. MacMullin said as an MLA, he would push to get New Brunswick’s citizens more involved in the democratic process.

“My goal as an NDP MLA for Moncton East would be to involve citizens in the democratic process, provide transparency and good government, and ensure public funds are directed to programs that provide the greatest benefit to all New Brunswickers,” MacMullin said.

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NDP Nominates Stackhouse in Saint John Harbour

FREDERICTON – Former radio broadcaster Gary Stackhouse won the NDP nomination in Saint John Harbour Friday night at the Carleton Community Centre. Stackhouse defeated Wayne Dryer by a count of 43-33 in ballots cast.

“I am humbled and excited to carry the banner for the NDP in this community,” Stackhouse said. “There is much that needs to be done in our community, especially in the areas of poverty reduction, combating drug use, and providing accessible affordable housing. I look forward to tackling these issues on behalf of our community and to fight for a balanced budget and higher literacy rates.”

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Cardy calls for Immediate Action on Advance Care Paramedics

FREDERICTON – New Brunswick NDP Leader Dominic Cardy says the government needs to move immediately on allowing Advance Care Paramedics (ACP) to practice in the province. Health Minister Ted Flemming’s announced stakeholder discussions scheduled for next month are unnecessary given the amount of study that has already taken place.

“The reports are out there – the leg work has been done,” Cardy said. “I’m afraid this is another situation where the government wants to look like they are acting on an issue without actually doing anything.”

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Cardy welcomes former MLA LeBlanc to NDP

FREDERICTON – New Brunswick NDP Leader Dominic Cardy welcomed former Liberal MLA Abel LeBlanc to the NDP at a press conference Monday in Saint John. Cardy said he was happy to have someone of LeBlanc’s experience joining the party.

“Anyone who knows Abel knows he is a man of strong personal convictions and someone who works tirelessly for the people in his constituency,” Cardy said. “This is precisely the kind of person we need to help build this party.”

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NDP Calls for Restored Funding for Autism Early Intervention Centres

FREDERICTON – New Brunswick New Democratic Party Leader Dominic Cardy is calling for the restoration of funding to government-contracted agencies that provide pre-school children with autism early intervention programs across New Brunswick. Cardy believes the cuts, effective June 1st, are short sighted and will cost the province more in the long run.

“Autism interventions before age five are most effective, save money long term and most importantly give kids the best chance at a full and rewarding life,” Cardy said. “This is short-sighted and shows why we need NDP MLAs to stop these backroom decisions.”

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