NDP Nominates Sharon Scott-Levesque in Fredericton York

Sharon Scott Levesque, a registered nurse and Durham Bridge resident will represent the electoral district of Fredericton York for the NDP in the upcoming provincial election. Scott-Levesque has worked as an RN for 39 years, most recently dedicating herself to geriatric care, working the front for those with Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

“My mother struggled with Alzheimer’s for four years so I understand first-hand the challenges of caring for people with these diseases. I am a strong advocate for the needs of our seniors to be able to stay in their own homes and of the importance of caregivers to help families care for their loved ones,” Scott-Levesque said.

NDP Leader Dominic Cardy believes Scott-Levesque’s professional experience and her deep roots in the community will make her s strong MLA for the constituents of Fredericton York.

“Who better than Sharon can speak to what we’ve been saying needs to be done to improve primary care for all New Brunswickers?” Cardy said. “We need to empower all our primary care providers and Sharon will be a strong advocate for this.”

As a person who operated and owned a business in the wellness sector for 13 years, Scott Levesque firmly believes the NDP’s plan to cut small business taxes and implement new job tax credits will help to jump start New Brunswick’s economy and create a new prosperity for this province by allowing entrepreneurs the ability to compete on a fair playing field.

“I’m running because I believe Dominic Cardy is the only leader with a real plan to create jobs and turn around the economy so we can keep our young workers here at home,” she said.

Sharon is actively involved in her community, having worked closely with the Sparks program promoting healthy lifestyles for children. She has also served as Chairperson of the Women’s Tour Curling event, she’s raised funds for the Pediatric Unit, the Special Olympics, and she’s taken up the fight against Breast Cancer.

She’s been married to John Levesque for 26 years and is the mother of four adult children and grandmother to five.

NDP Nominates Jamie O’Rourke in Campbellton-Dalhousie

Park Superintendent Jamie O’Rourke accepted the nomination for the New Brunswick NDP in Campbellton-Dalhousie Saturday. O’Rourke, a long-time volunteer for social and environmental causes, believes that protecting natural resources will be one the biggest issues in his riding in the upcoming election.

“New Brunswick needs a strong government to ensure science dictates what we do regarding natural resource,” O’Rourke said. “For too long, it’s been driven by the government’s need for job creation announcements. Dominic Cardy will stand up for protecting our natural resources and I will stand beside him.”

O’Rourke has an education in farming and economics from NBCC Woodstock and the Nova Scotia Agricultural College. He has applied his training and experience to various industries including pest-control, farming, and the natural resources sector.

NDP Leader Dominic Cardy said O’Rourke has the background and experience to represent the people of Campbellton-Dalhousie.

“Jamie has a wealth of experience not only in the natural resources sector but also in agriculture and small business development. He has the tools to be an effective voice for his constituents at home and in the Legislature.”

Amongst the other issues O’Rourke plans to raise during the campaign are creating opportunity for small business, adult and youth literacy, an affordable energy plan, and better health care for seniors and those battling mental health issues.

NDP Calls for Climate Change Preparedness Summit

The New Brunswick NDP is calling for a comprehensive summit on climate change in which various stakeholders will look at emergency preparedness planning for the future. NDP Chief of Staff and Fredericton North candidate Brian Duplessis believes the calls to review NB Power’s performance during Arthur are misguided as they only take into account one small portion of the much larger picture.

“Looking at what happened with Arthur goes beyond simply reviewing NB Power. We need to gather all the players involved and explore ways we can be better prepared in all areas. We’ve had Arthur and the ice storm in the last seven months as well as regular flooding. There will be more of these extreme weather events in the future,” Duplessis said.

The NDP plan would be to call together all the relevant stakeholders to look at what steps need to be taken to be better prepared for another major weather event. These stakeholders would include:

  • Provincial and municipal governments
  • NB Power & municipal utilities
  • Emergency Measures Organization
  • Red Cross and other community emergency services providers
  • Telecommunications companies
  • Insurance industry
  • Media

Duplessis said the recent storm showed that in a wide-spread power outage, all community organizations have important roles.

“The day of the storm and the day after, the public radio broadcaster had only sparse updates and instruction for those without power and water. Some of the telecommunications companies weren’t able to provide services the way they would have liked. This is why we need everyone at the table to discuss how this can be better handled the next time it happens,” Duplessis said.

NDP Leader Dominic Cardy said the timing of the summit is crucial if it is going to be effective.

“Any meaningful discussion needs to take place after the fall election otherwise it will simply devolve into a pre-election circus. An NDP government would call everyone together only after the dust has settled and we can focus on constructive solutions,” Cardy said. “What got lost with all the power outages was the fact that many people didn’t have drinking water for up to a week. We need to be better prepared so this doesn’t happen again.”

The summit would explore what needs to be done to get the province to a 24/7 emergency readiness status. It would also look at taking preventative steps to ensure the power outages are not week-long events.

Cardy says MLA Rent Decision a Missed Opportunity

FREDERICTON – New Brunswick NDP Leader Dominic Cardy says the recent decision to have the New Brunswick Legislature take over rent payments for MLA’s constituency offices is a missed opportunity to save the province money. Cardy said the NDP has been advocating a more common sense solution for more than a year on this issue.

“We have government office spaces that sit completely empty,” Cardy said. “Why not have MLAs use that empty office space and save New Brunswick hundreds of thousands of dollars every year?”

“This decision is another example of government looking for short-term fixes rather than engaging in long-term strategic planning,” Cardy added.

Cardy said the NDP will be talking more about substantive government and democratic reform leading up to and during the provincial election campaign.

“We’re going to offer New Brunswickers a real plan to reform government and save the taxpayers money,” Cardy said. “The other parties have talked a good game but have done nothing. New Brunswick deserves more than empty talk and the new NDP is prepared to take action on real government reform.”

Among the ideas the NDP have put forward in this area are reducing the size of cabinet from 17 to 10 departments and eliminating the vehicle allowance for cabinet ministers.

NDP Nominates Daniel Anderson in Kings Centre

Canadian Blood Services employee Daniel Anderson accepted the nomination for the New Brunswick NDP in Kings Centre Thursday night at the Royal Canadian Legion in Norton. In accepting the nomination, Anderson spoke about prospect of building community as one of the reasons why he’s running.

“When I was young I got involved in my community, volunteering at countless dinners,” Anderson said. “I had great examples to look up to; my parents and grandparents taught me the importance of hard work.”

NDP Leader Dominic Cardy served as keynote speaker for the nomination meeting. Cardy said that as a former Progressive Conservative riding association president, Anderson’s nomination is yet another example of the NDP successfully building a unity party to change New Brunswick.

“Dan is a new father who wants a vibrant and prosperous New Brunswick for his son. We’re excited that Dan is going to fight for a greener, fairer, and richer New Brunswick under the banner of the new NDP.”

Anderson said he found it very easy to move to the NDP after meeting Dominic Cardy and hearing his plan to create jobs and affect meaningful government reform.

“I am excited about working with Dominic and the NDP. The platform the party is putting forward is just what New Brunswick needs to move beyond the failed policies of Liberal and Tory governments. I can’t wait to get out knocking on doors and talking to the people of Kings Centre,” Anderson said.

Daniel’s parents, Linda and Mike Anderson, have been multi time presidents of the Nauwigewauk Community Club. His grandmother, Lillian Anderson, has been a long time contributor to the Kings County Museum, is a familiar face at community functions who recently received the Queens Diamond Jubilee medal. Strong family roots enable Daniel to follow in their footsteps as a community organizer. He volunteers at local food banks, is a Deacon at his church, and he is an active member of the Lion’s Club.

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