New Brunswick Day Message

On behalf of the New Brunswick NDP, I would like to wish everyone a very happy New Brunswick Day. It is my sincere wish that everyone has a chance to celebrate New Brunswick Day at the parks, rivers, shorelines, and all the beautiful landscapes that make this the Picture Province.

Dominic Cardy

Empty Slogan No Substitute for Clear Plan – NDP

FREDERICTON – New Brunswick NDP Executive Director Stephen Yardy is looking for specifics after the Liberal Party announced their campaign slogan “Moving New Brunswick Forward” Wednesday. In the press release, the party talks of lofty goals without saying how they plan to achieve them.

“This is something we have seen time and time again – promising the moon without saying specifically what you will do if elected,” Yardy said. “Apparently the ‘new approach’ has become moving ‘New Brunswick forward’. Does Brian Gallant really think the people of New Brunswick will forget the record of the previous Liberal government or the last two years of constant evasion?”

Yardy said people need to know the party they support is offering real solutions and a clear plan to turn this province around.

“Brian Gallant has to do more than offer empty slogans,” Yardy said. “What’s next? A platform launch interpretive dance?”

“The new NDP has been out there with detailed plans on job creation, debt reduction, clean government reform, and respecting pensioners. In 2014, if you aren’t willing to be straight forward with the electorate, you should clear the way for someone who will,” Yardy said. “Dominic Cardy is the only leader who has been open and clear about his plan to get New Brunswick back on track.”

Yardy noted that an NDP pre-campaign video predicted the Liberals would not be up front with the voters on what they would do if elected. The link to the video, Gritphone, can be found here:


Province Must Respect All Pensioners

FREDERICTON – The New Brunswick NDP supports the legislation to reform the Pension Benefits Act which enables a financial boost to the Twin Rivers Paper Co pension plan. However, NDP Chief of Staff and Fredericton North candidate Brian Duplessis believes the government must respect pension fairness for all New Brunswick pensioners.

“We believe that a contract is a contract is a contract. Unfortunately, this concept hasn’t been respected by the current government which imposed a shared-risk pension plan on tens of thousands of our public sector retirees. We believe any changes must be made with consent and strictly on a go-forward basis,” Duplessis said.

Duplessis also expressed concern over the fact the Brian Gallant led Liberals conducted polls on the pension issue last fall.

“They polled every possible scenario including expanding to shared risk model to other public sector unions. They won’t say what they would do regarding pensions and the fact they polled every possible position should make our pensioners nervous. They deserve better than the uncertainty the Liberals are creating,” Duplessis said.

NDP Nominates Abel LeBlanc in Saint John Lancaster

Former Liberal MLA Abel LeBlanc accepted the nomination for the New Brunswick NDP in Saint John Lancaster Monday night at the Assumption Centre in Saint John. Speaking to party supporters, LeBlanc said he is eager to once again fight for Saint John Lancaster in Fredericton.

“The whole reason I got involved in politics was to fight for the people in my community who needed help,” LeBlanc said. “I’ve been doing it all my life and hopefully I’ll be able to fight for them in Fredericton once again.”

NDP Fredericton South candidate Kelly Lamrock served as keynote speaker for the nomination meeting. Lamrock said he is excited about running alongside LeBlanc in the lead up to the September 22nd election.

“As someone who has served his community as an MLA, Abel brings a wealth of experience to the table,” Lamrock said. “His track record of tireless work on behalf of his constituents is something I admire. He continued that work even when he wasn’t sitting as an MLA.”

LeBlanc said he has been overwhelmed by the outpouring of local support since the announcement he is joining the NDP.

“I can’t tell you how many people came up to me and said they are supporting me and will be voting NDP this fall,” LeBlanc said. “It speaks not only to me but also to the positive message of meaningful change that Dominic Cardy represents. People want a strong leader, and a real plan to create jobs and a plan to reduce our debt and deficit. Dominic is the only leader offering that.”

Boudreau Releases Statement on Status of Women’s Issues in New Brunswick

The following is a statement by NDP Memramcook-Tantramar candidate Hélène Boudreau:


The recent report that the Voices of New Brunswick Women Consensus-Building Forum is woefully underfunded and unable to achieve real results is more than disheartening. It is quite frankly appalling. It’s appalling because it is yet another example where the current government wants to set the women’s movement backwards. It is as if David Alward and his Conservatives won’t be happy until the women’s movement is set back two or three decades.

Other provinces, like Quebec, have not only brought in pay equity legislation but they also appointed a pay equity commissioner to ensure employers are meeting their obligations. Not in New Brunswick. Despite numerous calls to introduce pay equity legislation here, neither the Liberals nor PC’s have lifted a finger to make that happen.

For more than 25 years, women across Canada have had the right of choice when it came to reproductive decision-making. Not in New Brunswick. Women here have no voice. No voice to make their own decisions. As a Registered Nurse, I can’t think of one medical procedure decision that I can’t make on my own once I’ve received all my options, not one with the exception of abortion. In this case, it’s up to 2 physicians that make that choice for me. When a healthcare and social development professional provide a service, we don’t judge that person on why they chose to undergo certain procedures or make certain life choices. We just give the best care and information to them and hope they choose to make the right decisions for themselves. It should be the same for when a woman makes the decision to have an abortion. A universal access to abortion services is the only way in ensuring women have a safe choice as part in their decision making process. It is not a question of right or wrong, it is a question of a woman’s right by law.

This is why the recent news is so deeply disturbing to the point of sickening. Here more than anywhere else, we need a strong, vibrant body which can speak on behalf of New Brunswick’s women. Part of the reason why I’m running for the NDP this fall is because our party is committed to addressing these issues. As a mother and grandmother, I truly believe I need to ensure that my now adult daughters know that NB gives equal value to the women of this province. It is just very sad that in 2014, I even have to.

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