NDP Nominates Joe Gee in Carleton-Victoria

Joe Gee accepted the nomination for the New Brunswick NDP in Victoria-Carleton Friday night in Perth-Andover. Gee, a community support worker and part-time farmer grew up in Carlingford and attended Southern Victoria High School in Perth-Andover. Gee believes his deep roots in the community will serve him well in representing the people of Carleton-Victoria as their next MLA.

“My goal is to work with the NDP to help change the common stereotype people have of politicians by listening to people, keeping people informed and continuing to work hard for progressive change,” Gee said. “I welcome everyone in the riding getting to know me and bringing me their concerns. New Brunswick will not change until people know who and what they are voting for.”

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NDP Nominates Hélène Boudreau in Memramcook-Tantramar

Former Dieppe City Councillor Hélène (Olscamp) Boudreau accepted the nomination for the New Brunswick NDP in Memramcook-Tantramar Monday night at the Tantramar Veterans Memorial Civic Centre. Boudreau, a 29 year veteran Registered Nurse, Clinical Research Associate and community activist believes leadership and experience will be important qualities voters will be looking for this fall.

“I know that New Brunswickers are searching for leadership. My values, my experience, and my understanding of the many challenges facing New Brunswickers have brought me to seek the NDP nomination for the Memramcook-Tantramar riding in the upcoming provincial election,” Boudreau said. “I believe that I can provide leadership that can meet the challenges ahead in the areas of health, education, socio-economic development, and the environment.”

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NDP Pledges To End Ban On Pride Flags At Schools

Fredericton – The New Brunswick New Democratic Party is denouncing a decision by the Premier’s office to not allow Leo Hayes High School to raise the Pride Flag in recognition of the school’s Pride Week. NDP Fredericton South candidate Kelly Lamrock says it completely sends the wrong message about LGBT inclusion.

“You can’t say you support inclusion and diversity and then refuse a group from flying the very symbol that represents that diversity,” Lamrock said.  “Young people who want to take a stand against bullying and for inclusion should be given support, not arbitrary rules.”

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NDP Calls For Tougher Impaired Driving Measures

Fredericton – The New Brunswick New Democratic Party is calling for the Province to adopt tougher impaired driving measures including the use of a roadside drug impairment detection device. NDP Fredericton North candidate Brian Duplessis said the changes are necessary to help make New Brunswick’s roads and highways safer.

“This is about saving lives, plain and simple,” Duplessis said. “We have evidence that these measures, when adopted by other provinces, had a significant impact in reducing deaths and arrests caused by impaired driving.”

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Cardy heading to Ukraine to monitor elections

Fredericton – New Brunswick New Democratic Party Leader Dominic Cardy is travelling to the Ukraine as part of the Canadian Election Observation Missions (CANEOM), in support of Ukraine’s democratic development, to observe the preparations for Ukraine’s May 25th presidential elections.  Cardy will be one of 100 short-term observers (STO’s) along with 39 long-term observers (LTO’s) sent on the mission.

“I am honored to be a part of this mission,” Cardy said. “We often talk about the principles of democracy in the abstract; it is satisfying to be a part of an effort to ensure they are upheld in practice.”

Cardy was selected from the more than 1,500 Canadians who applied to CANEOM to be observers of Ukraine’s early presidential elections. The mission is funded by the Government of Canada.

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