Joint Statement by Phil Comeau and Mathieu Chayer on ANB Announcement

The following is a joint statement by paramedics Phil Comeau (NDP candidate for Saint John East) and Mathieu Chayer (NDP candidate for Caraquet) on the recently announced language requirements by Ambulance New Brunswick.

We support the move to make Ambulance New Brunswick more bilingual. New Brunswick’s status as Canada’s only bilingual province makes us unique and it needs to be reflected in how we provide service within our communities.

We take issue with the timeframe that has been imposed on the employees of Ambulance New Brunswick which we believe to be unfair and unrealistic.

The date at which ANB employees need to meet the bilingualism requirements should be pushed ahead 18 months to allow paramedics to obtain the necessary language training. To give us little over three weeks’ notice before implementation is not good for our colleagues and more importantly, not good for New Brunswickers.

We welcome the offer of language training paid for by the employer and we are certain many ANB employees will take advantage of this opportunity. But not if they are not given the opportunity to meet the new requirements before they are implemented.

Ambulance New Brunswick and the government have known since 2007 that they need to comply with increased bilingual requirements for ANB employees. Nothing has been done to prepare for this transition. It is not right that employees pay the price for years of inaction and incompetence by Liberal and Conservative governments.

This plan was made without input from CUPE local 4848. We are concerned when contract rights are not respected. We do not want to send the signal that New Brunswick does not respect the collective bargaining process.

Phil Comeau

Mathieu Chayer

Municipalities not more bureaucracy should determine local economic development

FREDERICTON – The following is a statement by NDP Leader Dominic Cardy on the Liberal economic development announcement.

“Mr. Gallant needs to get his story straight. He tells us regional economic development agencies are ‘deeply flawed’ then goes ahead and proposes creating even more. He puts out a press release saying some of the current agencies will be maintained and then tells the media, on the same day, that he will scrap all the existing agencies. Which one is the truth?”

“It seems the Liberals want to add another layer of government bureaucracy on top of the broken system we already have. Mr. Gallant, we have powerful local economic development agencies – they’re called municipalities and the new NDP would give them the power to direct economic development. We need to take centralized bureaucracy out of economic development. Brian Gallant wants to entrench it.  New Brunswick deserves better.”

Liberal strategy a “recipe for bigger and better Atcons” says Cardy

FREDERICTON – Today’s Liberal ‘job creation’ announcement shows a firm determination to repeat the failures of previous Liberal and Conservative governments, says NBNDP Leader Dominic Cardy.

“Our economy is in trouble because Liberals and Conservatives believe the only way to create jobs is through bigger government programs run by politicians. That’s a recipe for bigger and better Atcons.”

“We already have too much political interference in job creation. The solution is to let the private sector do its job, which is to create jobs and sell goods and provide services the public wants. That’s why the new NDP will reduce the number of government departments from 17 to ten.” Cardy said. “That why we’re calling for devolution to municipalities so they can have more say in economic development. The Liberals are proposing doing the same old thing in a brand new way. New Brunswick deserves better.”

Cardy questioned Mr. Gallant’s management abilities. “Mr. Gallant says he’ll personally set and enforce job creation targets. Anyone with experience running a large company or organization knows that’s a recipe for disaster and paralysis,” Cardy said. “We have to let the public service do their jobs, to use their creativity and expertise. Having an inexperienced politician overseeing your work is not the way to go.”

Cardy expressed concern at the requirement that every department have a staff member dedicated to finding ways to make money. “I do not want staff in the department of Health or Social Development to be thinking how they can make money. I want them focussed on delivering the world’s best healthcare and child protection services.”

In contrast, Cardy said the new NDP has a clear plan to get the economy moving and get New Brunswickers working. “It’s not the role of government to create jobs. It’s the role of government to create the conditions so the private sector can grow. The new NDP will introduce a New Jobs Tax Credit, a proven and non-political job creator which rewards businesses that hire new employees. We will eliminate the small business tax. These strategies work.” Cardy said.

“I have not met one business owner who said we need a new crown corporation, or who wants to have the Premier micro-managing the economy. The government’s job is to run world-class public services, not pick winners and losers in the private sector. New Brunswick deserves better than another government that’s already planning to be incompetent.”


New Brunswick Day Message

On behalf of the New Brunswick NDP, I would like to wish everyone a very happy New Brunswick Day. It is my sincere wish that everyone has a chance to celebrate New Brunswick Day at the parks, rivers, shorelines, and all the beautiful landscapes that make this the Picture Province.

Dominic Cardy

Empty Slogan No Substitute for Clear Plan – NDP

FREDERICTON – New Brunswick NDP Executive Director Stephen Yardy is looking for specifics after the Liberal Party announced their campaign slogan “Moving New Brunswick Forward” Wednesday. In the press release, the party talks of lofty goals without saying how they plan to achieve them.

“This is something we have seen time and time again – promising the moon without saying specifically what you will do if elected,” Yardy said. “Apparently the ‘new approach’ has become moving ‘New Brunswick forward’. Does Brian Gallant really think the people of New Brunswick will forget the record of the previous Liberal government or the last two years of constant evasion?”

Yardy said people need to know the party they support is offering real solutions and a clear plan to turn this province around.

“Brian Gallant has to do more than offer empty slogans,” Yardy said. “What’s next? A platform launch interpretive dance?”

“The new NDP has been out there with detailed plans on job creation, debt reduction, clean government reform, and respecting pensioners. In 2014, if you aren’t willing to be straight forward with the electorate, you should clear the way for someone who will,” Yardy said. “Dominic Cardy is the only leader who has been open and clear about his plan to get New Brunswick back on track.”

Yardy noted that an NDP pre-campaign video predicted the Liberals would not be up front with the voters on what they would do if elected. The link to the video, Gritphone, can be found here: