NDP Pledges Elimination of Small Business Tax

Fredericton – NDP Leader Dominic Cardy promised his party would eliminate the small business tax if elected later this month. Cardy made the announcement at Think Play, a popular downtown educational toy shop.

“The new NDP firmly believes that it is government’s job to create the environment that allows businesses to succeed and expand,” Cardy said. “That is why within our first six months of taking office we would eliminate the small business tax.”

“Small businesses are the foundation of our economy. Eliminating this tax will allow employers to hire more workers and expand their operations. It just makes sense. It’s the right thing to do.”

“The Liberals raised the small business tax to 5%, the Tories reduced it by 0.5% and only an NDP government would bring it to zero. We will take out the politics completely.”

Think Play owner Luke Randall says that the eliminating the small business would go a long way to helping New Brunswick businesses thrive. “Eliminating this tax is a definite way to keep New Brunswickers working at home,” Randall said.

“New Brunswick deserves better than the Liberals borrowing a billion dollars to buy temporary jobs. New Brunswick deserves better than the Tories hoping that someday shale gas will bring in hundreds of millions,” Cardy said. “We can’t afford to borrow a billion dollars and we can’t wait years down the road. New Brunswick deserves better.”

The cost of this commitment would be $32 million.

NDP Announces Aggressive Poverty Reduction Strategy

SAINT JOHN – NDP Leader Dominic Cardy announced his party’s poverty reduction strategy this morning. Cardy laid out the strategy with his Saint John area NDP candidates by his side.

“Our province should be judged on how it treats the most vulnerable,” Cardy said. “We understand this and that’s why a new NDP government would embark on the most aggressive poverty reduction campaign in New Brunswick’s history.”

The poverty reduction plan will include:

  • Integration of Housing First principles into a provincial affordable housing strategy.There is no estimate or maximum cost because of the nature of this commitment.
  • We will expand the role of the Ombudsman to include seniors, the unemployed, and clients of Social Development and WorkSafe NB.There will be no financial consequences for the province.
  • We will launch a Social Impact Bond pilot program, allowing community groups to bid to make the greatest impact upon fighting poverty and to fuel sustainability of the organizations that work to improve people’s lives.There will be no financial consequences for the province.
  • Engaging stakeholders to develop a provincial transportation program for people with disabilities as part of a broader provincial transit plan. There will be no financial consequences for the province.

“Doing these things will unleash untapped potential in New Brunswick’s economy, because it will offer a better life for New Brunswick families and, in particular, their children. We will do this because it’s the right thing to do. We will do this because New Brunswick deserves better.”

NDP Pledges First Contract Legislation in Labour Day Message

SaINT JOHN – NDP Leader Dominic Cardy announced that his party would pass first contract legislation if elected later this month.

Cardy made the announcement surrounded by Saint John area NDP candidates at the Saint John and District Labour Council Labour Day Parade and BBQ at Lily Lake Pavilion this afternoon.

“It is an honor to take part in this event to commemorate and remember the sacrifices workers made to help build this country,” Cardy said.

“It is important on this day that we remember that this work is not over. We should always be striving to make lives better for workers and working families,” Cardy said. “The NDP understands this and that’s why we would pass first contract legislation.”

New Brunswick would be joining the majority of other provinces in enacting first contract legislation, Cardy said.

“Workers have rights in this province to join a trade union. However, once a group of workers become unionized there is no law that requires employers to sit down and negotiate with them. An NDP government would change this. Because New Brunswick workers deserve better.”

The NDP will also introduce legislation to control the use of replacement workers during labour disputes.

These commitments will not have any financial consequences for the province.

NDP Would Convene First Nations’ Chiefs Immediately

TOBIQUE FIRST NATION – While attending the Aboriginal Games at the Mah-sos School in Tobique First Nation, NDP Leader Dominic Cardy announced that an NDP government would sit down with the Chiefs immediately after taking office.

“We will convene a roundtable of the fifteen Chiefs to discuss the issues currently affecting the First Nations in our province,” Cardy said. “First and foremost, as a guarantee, an NDP government will make sure that all decisions on natural resource projects are subject to review, consultation and accommodation with First Nations.”

Cardy also said his party would fully examine and consider the 2012 report prepared by the Assembly of First Nations Chiefs in New Brunswick:  Restoring Hope for First Nations: A Plan to Break the Cycle of Poverty in New Brunswick’s First Nations Communities.

“This report has been ignored by the Conservatives and there has been no mention of support from the Liberals. Our First Nations deserve better. The new NDP will work with the Chiefs to address these issues.”

There are no costs associated with these commitments.

NDP Announces Plan for Agriculture and Local Food Producers

PERTH-ANDOVER – NDP Leader Dominic Cardy laid out his party’s plan for agriculture and local food and beverages this afternoon along with the NDP candidate for Carleton-Victoria and local farmer, Joe Gee.

“Agriculture is still a fundamental part of New Brunswick’s economy,” Cardy said. “An NDP government will further support local food and artisanal producers and farmers’ markets through a simplified New Brunswick Market Ready Program for food and product licensing, inspection, and labelling system.” (This cost is yet to be determined)

Cardy said the New Brunswick Market Ready would also include microbreweries.

“The new NDP will mandate the community college networks to provide agricultural training courses along with food processing courses and certificates,” Cardy said. “We will also allow for co-op kitchens to be established, providing independent incubation spaces for local food producers.”(This cost is yet to be determined)

Cardy said the NDP would strengthen protection of agricultural land by introducing an Agricultural Land Preservation and Accessibility Act. (There is no cost associated with this)

“To help farmers immediately,” Cardy said, “we reduce the cost of farm plates to $10 annually.”(This will cost $43,000 annually)

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