NDP pledges respect for civil servants

Fredericton – NDP Leader Dominic Cardy has promised that his party would put respect for New Brunswick’s civil servants as a top priority if elected later this month.

Cardy made the announcement in front of the Legislature.

“Our civil servants are going to be an integral part of getting New Brunswick back on track,” Cardy said. “The new NDP is ready to work with the civil service to face and overcome our challenges as a province.”

As a pledge of his party’s support and respect for the civil service, Cardy said his party will:

  • Introduce whistleblower legislation for civil servants. This commitment will have no financial consequences on the province;
  • Eliminate the ability of MLAs to hire or be involved in the hiring or firing of civil servants and make it against the law for MLAs to interfere in allocating or managing contracts. This commitment will have no financial consequences for the province; and
  • Stop the Liberal and Conservative practise of moving government offices out of opposition-held constituencies and into government held-constituencies. This commitment will provide savings for the province which cannot be determined at this time.

“When government is transparent and accountable we shouldn’t need things such as whistleblower legislation,” Cardy said. “Unfortunately in New Brunswick, this has not been the case.”

“Our civil servants deserve better than the Liberals and Tories using them as pawns in their old-style political games,” Cardy said. “The new NDP is ready to provide our civil servants with respect they deserve. We’re ready to work with civil servants to overcome our challenges. We’re ready.”

“Because New Brunswick deserves better.”

NDP announces Free in 8, PSE plans

Fredericton – NDP Leader Dominic Cardy announced the party’s plan for post-secondary education today.

Cardy made the announcement on the UNB campus among students, supporters and candidates.

“Eight years is long enough to be paying back student loans,” Cardy said. “That’s why the new NDP will introduce the Free in 8 Program to ensure that every graduate can afford to pay off their loan in eight years or get the help they need to make those payments.” This will cost $1.8 million in the first year and $3.7 million by year four.

“Through post-graduation bursaries and eliminating interest on student loans, the Free in 8 Program will ensure that low income graduates won’t just have their payments delayed but will get help retiring the debt.”

A new NDP government will also create a Student Retention Initiative that will remove the required parental and spousal contributions from student loans; this will cost $1.6 million per year.

Cardy said his party would also create the NB Hopes Scholarship Program which would target first year financial aid to eligible students with high marks and high financial need.

“New Brunswick students deserve better than a debt sentence,” Cardy said. “They deserve a fair chance to start families and careers without crippling debt.”

NDP lays out plan for a creative economy

Fredericton – NDP Leader Dominic Cardy announced that his party would invest in a creative economy.

“The new NDP is committed to helping small businesses thrive in New Brunswick,” Cardy said. “This includes investments to ensure our creative economy becomes ever more vibrant.”

“A new NDP government will create the Culture Credit Program, which will include a tax credit to lower the costs on rental space for arts and culture purposes.”

“Artists have told us that they would welcome more business training opportunities,” Cardy said. “The new NDP will work with our community college network to create these opportunities, connecting artists with adequate small business training.”

Cardy also said that the NDP will work with municipalities to create legislation enabling cultural districts and art enterprise zones.

“Artists should be able to turn their passions into their livelihoods,” Cardy said. “A new NDP government would go further to ensure they can do just that.”

These commitments do not have financial consequences for the province that can be determined at this time.

NDP promises more support for seniors

ROBERTVILLE – NDP Leader Dominic Cardy promised an NDP government would do more to help seniors make their golden years better.

Cardy made the announcement in front of a crowd at the Club De L’Age D’Or in Robertville in the presence of Yvon Godin, MP for Acadie-Bathurst and Ray Godin, NB NDP candidate for Restigouche-Chaleur.

“Our province should be judged on the way we treat our elders,” Cardy said. “An NDP government will go further to make sure our seniors get the respect and protection they deserve.”

A new NDP government will:

  • Enhance the Senior Citizens Assistance Program, providing funds to seniors who wish to stay in their homes yet lack the means to make necessary repairs; this will cost $4.7 million per year; and
  • Support the Home First Strategy to help seniors live independently for as long as possible. This will have no new financial consequences for the province; and
  • Reform healthcare to focus on primary care and home-based services to keep seniors out of hospitals and in their homes. Any cost will be reflected as part of our healthcare plan.

“The wisdom and experience that our seniors have to offer should be treasured,” Cardy said. “Our seniors still have a lot to offer and because of that we will promote more opportunities for them to be involved in community-based programs through schools and businesses.”

“We have to thank our seniors for building this province we love,” Cardy said. “The best way we can do this is by giving them the respect and security they deserve. We will do this because New Brunswick deserves better.”


NDP Announces Creative Schools Act

Fredericton – NDP Leader Dominic Cardy announced his party’s education plan this morning. Cardy made the announcement at Park Street Elementary School in Fredericton.

“Our children deserve the best education system in the world,” Cardy said. “A new NDP would build just that.”

“An NDP government will introduce the Creative Schools Act to give teachers the freedom to create individual learning plans for every student. We will give teachers and parents the tools to ensure that every student has the opportunity to succeed.”

Cardy said his plan would be modeled on a system already in place at Park Street Elementary School in Fredericton.

The NDP’s education plans will also:

  • End the provincial no-fail policy that often sees children who need extra help promoted to the next grade instead of getting the help they need;
  • Develop a provincial anti-truancy initiative to ensure every student has the time-on-task to reach their full potential;
  • Increase the literacy rates in our schools to 90% by the end of our first mandate; and
  • Increase support for student-led efforts to reduce bullying and increase the number of guidance counsellors in middle schools.

“Our children deserve to have an education system that gives them the necessary skills and tools to succeed in the world that awaits them,” Cardy said.