Dominic Cardy releases by-election pledges for Saint John East

SAINT JOHN – NDP leader and Saint John East by-election candidate Dominic Cardy is making three pledges to the people of Saint John East.

“I have talked to thousands of people in Saint John East and one thing keeps coming up at the doors,” Cardy said, “the people of Saint John East want an MLA who will work hard for them, someone with a proven record of getting things done.”

“I will be a strong voice for Saint John East,” Cardy said, “and I am making three pledges if elected on November 17th.”

“First, to represent a riding, an MLA should live in it,” Cardy said, “My wife Margot and I will move to Saint John East before the end of November.”

None of the candidates running in the Saint John East by-election currently live in the riding, and Cardy is the only candidate who has committed to move to the riding.

“Second, as leader of the NDP, I pledge that at least one of my two questions during each Question Period will be specifically focused on Saint John East,” Cardy said. “Unlike my PC opponent in this by-election, I will be able to put local concerns directly in front of the Premier every day.”

Prior to the election, Cardy successfully lobbied the government to pass two different bills, making him the only candidate in the by-election with a track record of getting things done.

“Third, to better reflect the times that people work and take care of their families, I am promising that my constituency office will be open evenings and weekends,” Cardy said.

“The people of Saint John East deserve a leader who will fight for them every day. They deserve a leader who will listen to them, and not to the backrooms of the two big political parties.”

When it comes to paving politics, Liberals & Tories are on same path; NDP offers change

SAINT JOHN – NDP Leader and Saint John East by-election candidate Dominic Cardy is demanding answers from Liberal Premier Brian Gallant after an email surfaced suggesting Liberal-friendly paving companies will be favoured for government contracts.

“It hasn’t taken the Liberals long to show their true colours,” Cardy said. “Brian Gallant promised a new approach to government. What we’ve instead seen is a Liberal backroom happy to be back in charge of handing out our tax dollars to their friends.”

“The NDP has a draft bill ready to go that will take the political interference out of infrastructure contracts. We sent copies to the Liberals and the Conservatives, but the only way to ensure that this bill is presented is to have an NDP voice in the Legislature.”

The NDP bill would prevent political interference in the allocation of paving contracts, with decisions to be made based on the advice of road engineers according to the road conditions and current and projected use.
Cardy referenced the 2011 email from PC MLA Jake Stewart to the Department of Transportation, requesting that a specific gravel company be used for construction in his riding.

“The Liberals and Tories are the same when it comes to patronage: oppose it in opposition, do it when you’re in government,” Cardy said. “The NDP pushed the old parties to limit patronage when it comes to hiring the heads of crown corporations. They passed a law the NDP drafted. In the Saint John East by-election voters will have a chance to vote for a proven patronage fighter. It’s clear the Liberals need to wake up, and I’m ready to make them listen.”

“New Brunswickers deserve better than Liberal and Tory MLAs and activists taking care of their friends and forgetting everyone else,” Cardy said.

Statement on Remembrance Day

SAINT JOHN – The following is a statement for Remembrance Day from NDP Leader Dominic Cardy:

“On this day we reflect and remember the sacrifices our men and women in uniform have made so that we can enjoy this peaceable country, governed by laws decided by all of us.

Their sacrifice, from Vimy to Kandahar, to the precincts of our own Parliament, allows us to continue to argue, to debate, to differ, to resolve, to reconcile, and to build this country.

I ask you to join me in acknowledgement of lives lost and shattered, and for those who serve today, risking everything for all of us.

To all the brave men and women, past and present, we give thanks. Lest we forget.”

Statement on Ottawa shootings

FREDERICTON – On behalf of the NDP, Dominic Cardy is offering thoughts and prayers to the victims, the people of Ottawa and all Canadians.

“Today is a somber day for Canada but we can never waver in our defense of the principles of a free and democratic society,” Cardy said. “Acts like the atrocities we saw today in Ottawa will not injure our commitment to these principles. They will make them stronger.”

“These events highlight why we must never forget the risks that our men and women in uniform, here or abroad, face every day. As a country, today facing attacks on civilians and service people in the heart of our democracy, we will have to decide how to respond to these events. I have every confidence our response will be resolute and clear.”

Dominic Cardy on conditions for cooperation

FREDERICTON – The following is a statement from NDP Leader Dominic Cardy:

Today, Brian Gallant’s Liberals are spreading rumours about what may happen if no party wins a majority.

Mr. Gallant is increasingly desperate. He is now losing an election he felt entitled to win. Instead of talking policy, he is focusing on power. I am pleased that he has acknowledged the possibility that he may not win a majority.

We hope to defeat Tories and Liberals and form a majority NDP government.

If the people of New Brunswick decide that no party deserves a majority, parties either have to respect that and work together, or there will be another costly, divisive election.

Unlike Mr. Gallant, we will accept whatever mandate the voters give us. Each NDP MLA will work to advance the policies we were elected to advance. We will go motion by motion, bill by bill, issue by issue, respecting our platform.

If no party has a majority, these will be the NDP conditions for co-operating with any other party.

• It must clean up government and pass tough anti-patronage laws.
• It must be fiscally responsible and avoid irresponsible expenditures.
• It must make health care and education their top spending priorities
• It must restore our independent science capacity and avoid hurting the environment, including fracking.
• It must respect the law of contracts and human rights

If you vote NDP, you know what you’re getting….a team of women and men who will use whatever seats we have to advance those issues. Mr. Gallant seeks only a four year blank cheque to do whatever he wants, and he is angry because he’s not getting it.

I have three questions for Mr. Gallant.

1. If your party doesn’t win a majority, will you force an immediate election or will you give the Legislature at least a year to work?
2. If no party has a majority, will you rule out Liberals voting with Conservatives to move ahead on fracking for the length of the mandate?
3. If you fail to get a majority, will you drop your $900million borrowing plan and work with the NDP on funding health and education first?

I await his reply. I am sure he agrees that voters deserve clarity on our plans.

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