NDP statement on International Women’s Day

FREDERICTON – The following is a statement from NDP Leader Dominic Cardy for International Women’s Day:

“On this day we celebrate the historic sacrifices and achievements that women have made over centuries in the battle for equal rights.

“Even though there has been significant advances made since we began recognizing this day, as a society we still have a great distance to go until women can truly enjoy equal rights.

“We need to work together to ensure that we finally fill the gaps on pay equity. Equal pay for equal work is something that has to happen now.

“We also need to stop ignoring the specific issues that are facing some of our most vulnerable women in society. As a party we support Thomas Mulcair and the federal NDP’s call for an independent inquiry into the missing and murdered Aboriginal women.

“We also support Premier Brian Gallant’s current initiative to ensure that more women are placed in positions on government boards and agencies. We will continue to monitor this initiative and assist in any way we can.

“As a party, we look forward to continuing the fight for women’s rights.”

NDP launches online petition calling for the end of corporate handouts in New Brunswick

FREDERICTON – NDP Leader Dominic Cardy has announced the creation of an online petition for the end of corporate handouts in New Brunswick.

“Liberal and Tory governments have wasted hundreds of millions of dollars of taxpayer money in embarrassing attempts to buy jobs,” Cardy said. “Instead of simply making New Brunswick a good place to do business, Liberals and Tories have been more focused on helping their friends.”

“As the current government is circling the province searching for ways to right our fiscal situation, the NDP is suggesting a simple way to save roughly $200 million a year,” Cardy said.

On the petition, which launches today on the NDP website, Cardy asks supporters to join him in the fight to end corporate handouts.

“Everywhere I go I hear from New Brunswickers that they are tired of the New Brunswick government giving away their tax dollars to well connected corporations. I couldn’t agree more,” Cardy said. “Every dollar that goes to more corporate handouts is one less dollar going to our children’s education system, one less dollar going into our healthcare system and one more dollar on our provincial debt.”

“Join me in saying enough is enough. Let’s end the corporate handouts! Because New Brunswick deserves better!”

NDP supports call for independent review on misuse of Larry’s Gulch

FREDERICTON – NDP Leader Dominic Cardy is supporting the call for an independent review, made today by the Clerk of the Executive Council, into the use of Larry’s Gulch and the release of the guest lists.

“There are two fundamental issues at play with this issue,” Cardy said. “First is how Liberal and Tory governments have shown ignorance for the democratic right to information laws and secondly, how these two old parties have used this government owned facility to entertain and strategize with their partisan, high-powered friends.”

“At a time when the government is trying to balance the books with higher taxes and deep cuts, we should not be bogged in questions about the fishing resort,” Cardy said. “That’s exactly why we should sell Larry’s Gulch.”

Amid scandals, Cardy calls on government to sell Larry’s Gulch

FREDERICTON – Amid the recent scandals involving the government-owned private fishing resort, NDP Leader Dominic Cardy is calling on Brian Gallant to sell Larry’s Gulch.

“Brian Gallant and his team are looking for things to cut in order to balance the books,” Cardy said, “and this fishing resort for high-powered friends of the government should be the first on the chopping block.”

“The government expects all of New Brunswick to make sacrifices in these dire economic times,” Cardy said. “They should show leadership and finally sell this fishing resort.”

“Both old parties have used Larry’s Gulch for partisan purposes and it should stop immediately,” Cardy said.

“The Tories were right to sell the government jet and it would be right for the Liberals to sell Larry’s Gulch,” Cardy said.

Cardy applauds Liberal decision to cut pay of Premier and Cabinet

FREDERICTON – NDP Leader Dominic Cardy has expressed his support for Premier Gallant’s announcement of pay reductions for Cabinet.

“While this is a largely symbolic move, it’s an important one and at a time when this government is asking New Brunswickers to brace themselves for tough fiscal choices ahead,” Cardy said. “It is definitely an effort that I can applaud.”

“As a province, we need to start making the difficult decisions,” Cardy said. “It will take a combined effort and today it is nice to see some movement from the top.”

“I look forward to the dialogue on these decisions in the coming months and years,” Cardy said. “And as I’ve pledged before, the NDP is ready and willing to help whatever we can.”

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