Liberal cuts to daycares hurting children when they need it most, Cardy says

FREDERICTON – NDP Leader Dominic Cardy is calling on the Liberal government to reverse its cuts to daycare centres.

“Mr. Gallant is preoccupied with his party’s election platform promises,” Cardy said, referring to the Premier’s recent refusal to be bound by a verbal contract with seniors. “Cutting daycare centre funding will increase fees and reduce spaces – that was not part of the Liberal plan, but it is what will happen because of these cuts.”

“Mr. Gallant promised to increase daycare spaces in New Brunswick to 30,000. He promised to remove the barriers so that lower-income families can access daycare services,” Cardy said. “Instead he’s going to force parents out of work and back on welfare.”

“These cuts hurt our future as a province and they hurt our kids. I’m asking the Premier to cancel the corporate handouts and invest in our children.”

“The NDP plan for early childhood education would work with daycare providers and parents to develop a comprehensive system that will make sure every child has access to high quality, affordable, early childhood education.”

New Brunswick deserves better.

Cardy congratulates Alward on new diplomatic post

FREDERICTON – NDP Leader Dominic Cardy is extending congratulations from his party to former premier David Alward upon being named Canadian consul general in Boston.

“I want to congratulate Mr. Alward on behalf on my party,” Cardy said, “and wish him all the best in this prestigious opportunity.”

“Mr. Alward’s passion as a New Brunswicker will make him a great representative in Boston.”

Cuts to classrooms an attack on teachers and students, Cardy says

FREDERICTON – NDP Leader Dominic Cardy is calling on the Liberals to stop cuts to classrooms.

“The Liberals waited almost a month to tell us that the cuts to education would be twenty percent more than announced in the budget. Last week they were firing 249 teachers, this week it’s 301 teaching positions – including inclusion resource teachers,” Cardy said. “Brian Gallant has to step up and take responsibility for the weakness of Education Minister Rousselle on his files.”

“Minister Rousselle has cut the classroom supply budget for teachers,” Cardy said. “These funds – up to $250.00 – were there so teachers could ensure students had the resources necessary for specific lesson plans. Teachers are already paying hundreds of dollars out of their own pockets for classroom supplies, where does Minister Rousselle expect that money to now come from,” asked Cardy. “Does he want parents to squeeze more out of their paychecks?”

“Serge Rousselle can’t get his numbers straight when it comes to education cuts. But the Liberals are clear that they will defend wasteful spending on Larry’s Gulch, which was specifically protected in the budget.” Cardy said.

“This shows where the Liberals’ priorities are. New Brunswick deserves better.”

IGT layoffs another example of corporate welfare hurting province and workers, Cardy says

FREDERICTON – NDP Leader Dominic Cardy, reacting to the announcement of 67 layoffs at Moncton’s IGT, called on the Liberal government to finally put an end to the corporate welfare.

“Less than a year ago, the government gave this company $5 million of taxpayers’ money,” Cardy said, “and now the company has fired sixty seven workers.”

“This is just the latest in a long list of egregious examples of how Liberals and Tories waste public dollars on companies which do not benefit the province,” Cardy said.

“Sixty seven people are now set to join the already-long unemployment line in New Brunswick,” Cardy said. “I hope Premier Gallant thinks about this the next time he and Bruce Fitch squabble over what he actually meant when promising five thousand new jobs.”

“We simply need to stop wasting money on these failed and outdated excuses for economic policy,” Cardy said.

“This Liberal government is already attacking seniors and teachers to pay for their rainy day fund,” Cardy said. “I would suggest that Mr. Gallant get out and talk to ordinary New Brunswickers instead of his backroom Liberal friends because the rain is already pouring. Just ask the sixty seven people who now don’t have a job.”

“The NDP’s policy has been to implement a New Jobs Tax Credit,” Cardy said. “This provides proven incentive to create new permanent jobs as opposed to wasting millions buying temporary ones.”

“New Brunswick deserves better.”

Boudreau’s spending targets fear-mongering, Cardy says

FREDERICTON – Reacting to the announcement of targeted cuts in departmental spending, NB NDP Leader Dominic Cardy is calling on the Liberal government to be honest with New Brunswickers.

“Minister Boudreau has already told us these targets won’t be met in all departments. Then I have to ask what’s the point of this announcement?” Cardy said, “Why tell New Brunswickers, those who work in the civil service and those who depend on public services, that departments will be cut by five to 10 percent if the Liberals don’t expect to reach those goals?”

“Boudreau is calling for an 8.9% cut in the budget of Opportunities New Brunswick, an office the Liberals just created,” Cardy said. “How can their starting budget already be so out of date? Is this an admission that the Liberals padded the budget or is it simply that they were not competent in budgeting correctly? It has to be one or the other.”

“These targets are a smokescreen,” Cardy said. “Fear mongering to distract from the Liberal budget that attacks the savings of seniors, cuts support for students and new graduates, and threatens the province’s credit rating with more corporate welfare handouts.”

“Patients are waiting in dirty corridors in overcrowded hospitals,” Cardy said, “and Brian Gallant wants to cut 10 percent from the Department of Health while preserving money for useless white elephants like Larry’s Gulch.”

“As a candidate, Brian Gallant said across the board cuts don’t work, and that areas like education should get more,” Cardy said. “This is further proof that the Liberal campaign was all about winning power with no clue what to do with it.”

“The NDP has been clear on how to balance New Brunswick’s books: cut whole departments that don’t deliver the public services the public needs, end the hundreds of millions in failed corporate handouts and invest in the areas where government should take the lead,” Cardy said. “New Brunswick deserves better.”

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