FREDERICTON — The New Brunswick NDP is proud to announce that Greg Crouse of Hartland has been nominated as their candidate for the upcoming by-election in Carleton.

Greg Crouse was born and raised in Carleton County, and knows the meaning of hard work. For 16 years, he has worked at Old Dutch Foods in Hartland, and currently serves as Vice-President of UNIFOR Local 2001-NB.

Greg is a proud family man. He lives in Hartland with his wife Renee and their three children, Jordyn, Jason and Jaymee, and is actively involved in his community through helping organize the Walk to Fight Arthritis in Hartland and volunteering at the Hartland community garden.

Greg believes that an MLA should be someone who people can turn to, someone who will work hard for them and who has a record of fighting to make sure that hard-working people get a fair shake. He knows first-hand the importance of being able to find a good job to support a family, and believes the best way to create jobs isn’t by handing out millions of dollars in corporate welfare, but by creating an environment where local business can thrive by eliminating the tax on small businesses.

Like so many people, Greg is tired of the same old back-and-forth between the Liberals and Conservatives. He decided to run for the New Brunswick NDP because he wants make sure that Carleton County will be a place where his children can find good jobs, put down roots, and continue to be a part of the community where they grew up. Greg believes that Dominic Cardy and the New Brunswick NDP are the best party to deliver the change we need to make sure that Carleton County is prosperous, for this generation and for the next.


FREDERICTON – New Brunswick New Democratic Party leader Dominic Cardy is demanding full and equal access to healthcare for members of the transgender community in New Brunswick. Cardy welcomed the news that Health Minister Victor Boudreau plans to meet with members of the transgender rights community, though he added that the meeting was long overdue and that action is now needed to strengthen transgender rights in New Brunswick.

“Full and equal access to healthcare, including gender reassignment surgery, must be made available to the transgender community. We are the only province that hasn’t done so and it’s time we join the rest of Canada in the 21st century,” Cardy said.

Cardy added that Minister Boudreau’s earlier comments about who doctors can choose to treat undermines his credibility as Health Minister. “You cannot have a Minister of the government suggesting that doctors can refuse to treat patients whom they dislike as people or based on how they live their lives. The medical system is for everyone and the Minister of Health should defend and promote that,” Cardy said.

Cardy also said that concerns about the cost of publicly providing gender reassignment surgery are unfounded. “The spin-off healthcare cost savings from providing this surgery make it worth doing so, and even without acknowledging those savings, the upfront cost is minimal. If we were to take the annual cost to Ontario of providing gender reassignment surgery and adjust it for New Brunswick’s size, the cost is only $120,000 per year. Put another way, that’s less than Victor Boudreau’s annual salary,” Cardy said.

Cardy: Gallant nursing home flip-flop the right decision made for the wrong reason

FREDERICTON – NDP Leader Dominic Cardy welcomed the decision by the New Brunswick government to reverse the fees increases that New Brunswickers would have been charged for nursing homes.

“Premier Gallant has apparently decided he doesn’t want to make every single New Brunswicker over the age of 50 angry with him. Good for him, and the NDP hopes that next he will look at decisions around firing 300 teachers and cutting support for daycares from the same perspective,” Cardy said.

“We recognize that this decision has been reversed because it contributed to making Premier Gallant one of the least popular leaders in Canada,” Cardy said, “but, in the end, what matters is that our seniors won this round. I want to congratulate the thousands of people across the province who made their voice heard and who made an unthinking and short-sighted government change direction.”

Time for Rousselle to be mature and accountable, says Cardy

FREDERICTON – NDP Leader Dominic Cardy condemned Education Minister Serge Rousselle for avoiding accountability and refusing to make any public statements on the recent court decision to cease plans to close the Brown’s Flat Elementary and Lorne Middle schools. Cardy said that Rousselle has shown nothing but his ministerial weakness in handling this matter.

Cardy said that Minister Rousselle is once again showing that he either disregards the rule of law or is fully ignorant of it. “Rousselle has sadly done this before and now he’s ignoring the courts full out. He is either trying to avoid reality or is incapable of knowing it. Either way, he is unfit for this position.”

Cardy added the following: “Rousselle is part of a Gallant Liberal government that talked about doing politics differently. I guess what was meant by that was hiding from the people affected by this government’s reckless decisions,” Cardy said. “Instead of having the courage of his convictions and at least responding to court rulings and public outcry, Rousselle is getting district superintendents and principals to do his dirty work, calling parents to tell them that their schools will still be closing. It is the actions of a Minister who lacks the competence and courage to be a public servant.”

Liberals fine with transparency as long as you can afford it, says Cardy

FREDERICTON – NDP Leader Dominic Cardy came out against the possibility that the Liberal government might re-introduce fees for Right to Information requests from the general public, saying such a move would effectively limit access to information to the wealthy.

“Brian Gallant and his Liberals talked about the need for greater transparency and public empowerment in our politics, and yet they are exploring the idea of bringing back charges for citizens to access information about their government that were abolished in 2011,” Cardy said. “To charge citizens for this information is to erect another barrier between the government and the people they are supposed to serve. It is another way to make more New Brunswickers feel disenfranchised and cut off from participating in an informed debate. An NDP government would work to promote greater transparency, not put up fees to restrict it.”

Cardy added that the concern raised by the Liberals that the heavier volume of information requests requires charges to cope speaks to the need for greater transparency all around.

“The amount of information that is available online to citizens in many other jurisdictions about their government is much greater than in New Brunswick. Ensuring that more of this information is accessible without having to resort to submitting Right to Information requests is the best way to reduce the volume of requests, as opposed to pricing such requests beyond the means of many people.”

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