Teachers before arenas, says Cardy

FREDERICTON – New Brunswick NDP Leader Dominic Cardy is opposed to the Liberal Government’s decision to give $21 million for construction of an arena in Moncton if the money is being taken from teachers and daycares.

“Brian Gallant talks about tough decisions and difficult choices,” Cardy said. “Apparently it’s an easy decision for Mr. Gallant to fire 300 teachers then throw $20 million dollars at an arena.”

“The Liberals need to step up, make the right decision, and get their priorities straight,” Cardy said. “In a CRA poll that came out today 79% of New Brunswickers said they oppose cuts to education. We want investment in education system to come before a new home for a privately-owned hockey team.”

“The choice is simple,” Cardy said. “The Liberals are choosing to neglect kids and families while benefiting those already well off. An NDP government would have vastly different priorities: we will stop handouts to private companies and make the investments in education Mr. Gallant promised in opposition but has discarded as Premier. When the books are balanced and our education system is world class, then we can talk about arenas. Government is about choices. Premier Gallant’s are all wrong.”

“New Brunswick deserves better.”

Job losses show failure of Gallant’s corporate handout economic plan, Cardy says

FREDERICTON – NDP Leader Dominic Cardy is calling for a complete rethink of New Brunswick’s economic development strategy after the latest job figures showed the loss of 5,300 full time jobs in May. This was the largest one-month loss since March 2009, during the global economic crisis.

“The latest job numbers should not come as a surprise,” Cardy said. “The cause is the decades-old culture of Liberal and Tory governments buying jobs and picking winners and losers in the private sector while underinvesting in education and health.”

“The way to create jobs is for the government to liberate the potential of New Brunswickers, to provide education, skills training, and other lifelong learning opportunities and nurture a climate that encourages entrepreneurs, along with providing quality social programs,” Cardy said. “Instead, the Liberal government is cutting teachers and healthcare while handing out over $300 million a year in corporate handouts,” Cardy said.

Cardy highlighted the NDP job creation plan that would see investment in teachers and education, along with eliminating the small business tax and introducing a new jobs tax credit, measures that have proven track records of success elsewhere.

“If slashing education and healthcare and handing out tax dollars to well-connected corporations is the ticket to economic success, New Brunswick would be the richest place on Earth,” Cardy said. “Clearly this isn’t the case.”

“The NDP will provide a government that believes in the potential and ability of New Brunswickers to create and attract jobs.”

Broken Liberal promises a double attack on families and day cares, Cardy says

FREDERICTON – NDP Leader Dominic Cardy is calling Liberal broken promises and cuts an assault on hard working families.

“New Brunswickers simply cannot trust Brian Gallant,” Cardy said after the Liberals admitted to breaking a promise at the center of last summer’s campaign.

“When the Liberals announced the budget in March, it contained nothing about cutting day care subsidies or about breaking a promise to New Brunswick families to help with the high costs of daycare,” Cardy said. “Less than two months later the reality facing parents is fewer day care spaces and higher costs of the remaining ones.”

“To make matters worse, the Liberals are now blaming the Conservatives’ fiscal record for their own broken promises. This is simply preposterous,” Cardy said. “The Liberals knew the situation before announcing the budget and well before the cuts to day cares and the broken promises to parents.”

“Instead of helping low-to-middle income families and making child care more affordable and accessible, Brian Gallant is focused on the same old Liberal pork barrel style politics.”

“Mr. Gallant was supposed to be a different kind of leader,” Cardy said, “but we see now that he is no different from recent Liberal leaders, helping their friends at the cost of everyday average New Brunswickers.”

“New Brunswick deserves better.”

Liberals playing politics with youth mental health disgraceful, Cardy says

FREDERICTON – NDP Leader Dominic Cardy says the decision to build a youth mental health facility in Campbellton is the same old Liberal politics at play.

“Once again the Liberals are blatantly ignoring the advice of several experts,” Cardy said.

“The Liberals are attacking seniors, students, and daycare owners,” Cardy said. “Now they are attacking youth with mental illnesses and their families.”

“This centre simply needs to be built in close proximity to where the majority of kids live,” Cardy said.

“Instead of listening to experts like Bernard Richard and Maureen Bilerman, the Liberals are too worried about whether or not Don Arsenault will get elected again.”

“The Liberals are trying to promote a fight between the north and the south when they should be focused on helping our youth,” Cardy said. “When they should be helping kids like Ashley Smith, they are promoting failed economic development policies.”

“It is utterly shameful,” Cardy said.

“The NDP understands the need for economic development, but this is not the way to achieve that,” Cardy said. “Instead, the NDP work with municipalities allowing them to have decision-making power on their economic futures.”

“New Brunswick deserves better.”

Liberal cuts to daycares hurting children when they need it most, Cardy says

FREDERICTON – NDP Leader Dominic Cardy is calling on the Liberal government to reverse its cuts to daycare centres.

“Mr. Gallant is preoccupied with his party’s election platform promises,” Cardy said, referring to the Premier’s recent refusal to be bound by a verbal contract with seniors. “Cutting daycare centre funding will increase fees and reduce spaces – that was not part of the Liberal plan, but it is what will happen because of these cuts.”

“Mr. Gallant promised to increase daycare spaces in New Brunswick to 30,000. He promised to remove the barriers so that lower-income families can access daycare services,” Cardy said. “Instead he’s going to force parents out of work and back on welfare.”

“These cuts hurt our future as a province and they hurt our kids. I’m asking the Premier to cancel the corporate handouts and invest in our children.”

“The NDP plan for early childhood education would work with daycare providers and parents to develop a comprehensive system that will make sure every child has access to high quality, affordable, early childhood education.”

New Brunswick deserves better.