“The fact is that the Gallant government is not working for New Brunswickers, and New Brunswickers are not working under the Gallant government,” said NDP Interim Leader Rosaire L’Italien in reaction to the government’s job numbers.


In the budget the government claimed to have “supported the creation of almost 10,000 jobs; employment has increased by 5,300 since June 2016.”

“This is yet another example of the Gallant government’s smoke and mirrors,” claimed Mr. L’Italien.


“These figures are only talking about overall numbers, and not accounting for jobs that were lost during the same period. They are also heavily relying on part time jobs, jobs that cannot support families,” said Mr. L’Italien.


“The government is spinning its numbers to make themselves look good,” said Mr. L’Italien “If Brian Gallant grew the New Brunswick economy the way he grew his communications team, we would all be better off today.”


–          In the past year, New Brunswick has lost 2,300 full time jobs.

–        In the last three months, 1700 youth jobs have disappeared

–          The unemployment rate has increased from 8.9% to 9.4% over the past year, well above the Canadian average of 6.9%

–          Youth unemployment has risen in the past three months by 2.6%, from 11.8% to 14.4%) (which is well above the Canadian average of 12.6%

–          In the last year, New Brunswick has lost 2,400 jobs in the natural resources sector.

–          Since the Liberals took power, New Brunswick has lost 3,200 jobs in the natural resources sector (forestry, fishing, mining, quarrying, oil, and gas).





NOTE: all figures are from the latest Statistics Canada Labour Force Survey results which are for December 2016. The next figures come out on Friday Feb 10th. When it says “in the last three months” it means from September to December 2016 (the last three months available)

NDP Calls Gallant Government Budget Smoke And Mirrors


Fredericton – NDP Interim Leader Rosaire L’Italien today panned the Liberal budget as “smoke and mirrors.” Said Mr L’Italien: “Gallant talks about how many jobs they’ve created but the fact is that in the last year New Brunswick has lost 2300 full time jobs. Good jobs, family supporting jobs, are being lost under Gallant.”


“The Gallant government has announced new money for universities, but nothing about lowering tuition. How can they possibly claim to support education when they refuse to lower students tuition and debts?” said Mr. L’Italian


“The budget notes that growth in household income is projected to fall this year and keep falling in the future. The costs of the basics like food and keeping the lights on are going up and the economy is not matching it. People are struggling and Premier Gallant is not listening.”


“On top of everything else we are losing 280 full time good paying jobs in healthcare because of the Gallant government,” said Mr L’Italien “The Gallant government is going in the wrong direction.”




For More Information Please Contact:

Rosaire L’Italien

Interim Leader of the NB NDP

(506) 458-5828

NB NDP Calls For More Timely Federal Assistance In Ice Storm Disaster

For Immediate Release
February 2nd, 2017

NB NDP Calls For More Timely Federal Assistance In Ice Storm Disaster

New Brunswick NDP Interim Leader Rosaire L’Italien praised his federal NDP MP Guy Caron who has demanded answers on the slow response from the federal government to the request for assistance to New Brunswick in the wake of the ice storm.

“It’s clear that the response has not gone as smoothly as the public expected – we’re hearing from too many people on the ground that are still without power as this disaster drags on,” said Mr. L’Italien. “We have to get better at responding to these types of emergencies.”

Mr. L’Italien praised New Brunswickers for coming together in this time of crisis. As a resident who lost his power himself, Mr. L’Italien has been heartened by the many acts of neighbours helping neighbours in these trying times. “New Brunswickers are resilient people, and it shows when we see communities come together and help each other out.”

Mr L’Italien echoed Mr Caron’s call for more federal assistance, “the federal response has been slow and when communities don’t feel they are being supported by Ottawa, it can make a bad situation worse.”

Mr L’Italien praised the efforts on the ground working hard to restore power for the remaining 5000 customers still without power more than six days later. “The NDP is very appreciative of the work of the volunteers and staff who have been working around the clock to get power restored and our communities back in shape.”
For More Information Please Contact:
Rosaire L’Italien, Interim Leader of the NB NDP
(506) 458-5828

NB NDP Newsletter

rosaire leader

Leader’s Message
Hello friends and members new and old, it is with great enthusiasm to announce that I have accepted the position of Interim Leader that our party Executive unanimously offered to me. I’ve accepted this role until the Leadership Convention results are announced.I’ve been a journalist with CBC/Radio-Canada for 42 years in our province, during which time I have seen how the revolving door of Liberal and Conservative governments have consistently disappointed New Brunswickers.

Traditionally, the NDP has been different from the other parties in New Brunswick. The NDP offers a vision where every family has a path to the middle class, with good jobs, fair wages and a social safety net that protects every citizen, so people can fulfil their dreams.

The NDP is an inclusive party; we are motivated by our values, and we offer a vision for change that the Liberals and Conservatives simply do not share.

The NDP has a vision that a more just and more equal world is possible. We believe that everyone matters and that no one should be left behind. We believe in the power of government to address the limitations of the free market and act in the public interest for social, economic and ecological justice. I will be working hard to bring that message to all New Brunswickers, and your support will allow our movement to build.

We are going to have some heart-to-heart talks about where this party is going, about what our vision for New Brunswick could and should be, and how to make this vision a reality. The time has come for us to listen. In this process of renewal, I will be touring around the province, listening to you, the members, and asking for your input on how we can build a brighter future for New Brunswick, together.

I am not asking NDP members to work for me personally, I am asking all of us to work together for this beautiful vision we share.

Dream with me,

Rosaire L’Italien


FREDERICTON – New Brunswick’s New Democrats have a new leader. High-profile journalist and former union leader Rosaire L’Italien was unanimously selected by the Party’s executive at a meeting Sunday to lead the NDP until a permanent leader is chosen at convention.

“Rosaire’s experience, his passion for the job, his proven ability to articulate a progressive message – these things were all factors in the broad support he had to take on the job,” said Charles Doucet, the Party’s past president. “We are fortunate to see someone of his caliber stepping forward, and it shows the optimism that exists for our party’s future.”

Mr. L’Italien followed a distinguished journalistic career by joining the NDP after his retirement from Radio-Canada and running in the federal riding of Madawaska-Restigouche in the 2015 election, coming second and beating the incumbent Conservative cabinet minister. He immediately expressed his enthusiasm to start working to ensure the party’s message is heard.

“The NDP is the only truly inclusive party in New Brunswick,” said Mr. L’Italien. “The Liberals have excluded people on a partisan basis, running a highly political government that puts their party first. And the Conservatives have chosen to exclude people linguistically and speak to only half the province in their leadership campaign. The NDP has a vision to include everyone, together, and I will be working hard to take that message all around New Brunswick.”

Mr. L’Italien identified a few issues where he will be challenging the Gallant government, including their failure to develop a poverty reduction plan and the recent health deal with the federal government, which he said was “placing Mr. Gallant’s political debts to Dominic Leblanc ahead of the health care New Brunswickers rely upon.” And he pledged to rally the party around its core principles.

“For years the NDP has had a vision where every family has a road to the middle class, with good jobs, fair wages and a social safety net that protects every citizen so they can take risks and build their dreams. I am not asking NDP members to work for me personally. I am asking them to work beside me for this beautiful vision we all share. These principles will bring us back together.”.

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