FREDERICTON — The New Brunswick NDP is proud to announce that Greg Crouse of Hartland has been nominated as their candidate for the upcoming by-election in Carleton.

Greg Crouse was born and raised in Carleton County, and knows the meaning of hard work. For 16 years, he has worked at Old Dutch Foods in Hartland, and currently serves as Vice-President of UNIFOR Local 2001-NB.

Greg is a proud family man. He lives in Hartland with his wife Renee and their three children, Jordyn, Jason and Jaymee, and is actively involved in his community through helping organize the Walk to Fight Arthritis in Hartland and volunteering at the Hartland community garden.

Greg believes that an MLA should be someone who people can turn to, someone who will work hard for them and who has a record of fighting to make sure that hard-working people get a fair shake. He knows first-hand the importance of being able to find a good job to support a family, and believes the best way to create jobs isn’t by handing out millions of dollars in corporate welfare, but by creating an environment where local business can thrive by eliminating the tax on small businesses.

Like so many people, Greg is tired of the same old back-and-forth between the Liberals and Conservatives. He decided to run for the New Brunswick NDP because he wants make sure that Carleton County will be a place where his children can find good jobs, put down roots, and continue to be a part of the community where they grew up. Greg believes that Dominic Cardy and the New Brunswick NDP are the best party to deliver the change we need to make sure that Carleton County is prosperous, for this generation and for the next.