NDP would remove politics from road decisions

FREDERICTON – NDP Leader Dominic Cardy says the new NDP would end political interference in deciding which roads are built and repaired. Cardy made the announcement by the Hanwell Road in Fredericton Wednesday.

“If we want the best road system in the country, we need to let the experts develop a long term road strategy,” Cardy said. “People are tired of Liberal and Conservative politicians dealing out road construction contracts. New Brunswick deserves better than this worn-out political game.”

Cardy said improving New Brunswick’s road system is too important to be left to political gamesmanship.

“If we want to attract new business and support our current businesses, we need to offer the highest quality infrastructure. That can only be achieved by engineers setting priorities based on road conditions and projected use, not by MLA’s plotting what contracts for which community will get them re-elected,” Cardy said.

“The Conservatives raised the ministerial quota on road construction to 40 percent. These quotas allow ministers to decide which roads get paved which explains why there are so many beautifully paved roads to former minister’s fishing cabins,” Cardy said. “A new NDP government would eliminate ministerial influence altogether.”

The new NDP has called for ending MLA influence in the hiring and firing of government employees and the allocation of government contracts.

“It’s time to clean up government and limit the influence of MLAs. The new NDP is committed to delivering the change New Brunswick needs because New Brunswick deserves better,” Cardy said.