NDP Would Give More Powers to Municipalities

Saint-Léolin – CARAQUET – NDP Leader Dominic Cardy says a new NDP government would give more powers to local governments. Cardy made the announcement with Mathieu Chayer, the mayor of Saint-Léolin and the NDP candidate for Caraquet.

“New Brunswick has the weakest Municipalities Act in the country,” Cardy said. “A new NDP will make it the strongest.”

The strengthening of the Municipalities Act will include:

  •  Economic development should be controlled by municipalities, not the Premier’s office
  • Clear powers and resources so municipalities don’t have to get permission from Fredericton for common sense decisions
  • Financial incentives for municipalities who want to work together to better serve their residents as part of a reformed and simplified equalization formula.
  • An elected local government for every New Brunswicker; training for elected officials and municipal administrators
  • Reform Regional Service Commissions to put them under the control of member communities, not a vehicle for orders from the Premier’s office

“As a mayor I know what needs to be done to make our municipal governments work.  And I know the new NDP and Dominic Cardy are the only party ready to give real powers to local governments, and to take it away from Fredericton,” said M. Chayer.

Responding to the release, Black’s Harbour mayor and NDP candidate for Fundy-The Isles-Saint John West, Terry James, said “The foundation of a strong province are its communities. The new NDP gets that, the Liberals and Conservatives want to keep the power in Fredericton. We’re going to change that.”

“Instead of patronage projects, we will empower municipalities to control their own destinies,” Cardy said. “A new NDP government will meet twice yearly with the municipal government associations, as equals, to map out a shared vision.  Because New Brunswick deserves better.”