NDP will put an end to corporate welfare

MIRAMICHI – NDP Leader Dominic Cardy says the new NDP would put an end to corporate welfare. Cardy made the announcement in front of the old Atcon site near Miramichi Friday.

“The moment a new NDP government takes office, the era of corporate bailouts is over,” Cardy said. “Let what happened right here be a lesson that Liberal and Tory policies create debt, not jobs.”

Cardy pointed out that the culture of Liberal and Conservative corporate welfare has left New Brunswick with one of the highest unemployment rates in Canada.  Between 2005 and 2011 the Liberals, and then the Conservatives, gave $150 million to companies that no longer exist.

“Corporate welfare chokes off economic growth and discourages investors. Liberals and Conservatives love talking about ‘creating jobs’ but often that means bribing outside companies with your tax dollars,” Cardy said.  “It doesn’t work. New Brunswick deserves better.”

Cardy said the NDP job creation plan involves a New Jobs Tax Credit, eliminating the small business tax, and investments in skills training and education.

“We have to stop repeating the failed policies of the past. We have to combine New Brunswickers’ integrity and hard work with international best practices for getting this economy back on track. Only the new NDP is proposing a specific plan to balance the books, create jobs and save our healthcare, education and social programs.”