NDP will introduce comprehensive pay equity legislation

MONCTON – NDP Leader Dominic Cardy announced that an NDP government would introduce the Pay Equity Act.

Cardy also said that the Liberal plan for pay equity is not good enough.

“Mr. Gallant has said that he would introduce pay equity measures on companies who employ over fifty workers and who do business with the government,” Cardy said. “This simply is not good enough. Pay equity is something we should strive for in all sectors of the economy.”

“A new NDP government would introduce legislation mandating all companies with ten or more employees to implement a pay equity plan within four years,” Cardy said. “We will go further and establish a Pay Equity Commission to monitor and enforce the legislation.”

The Pay Equity Act would have no financial consequences for the province. There is no estimate cost on the Commission because the full nature of the commitment cannot be determined at this time.

“Pay equity is a no-brainer.”

“New Brunswick’s women deserve better than the two old parties refusing to act on this issue. Equal pay for equal work needs to happen,” Cardy said. “Whether or not a company does business with the Government of New Brunswick is utterly irrelevant.”

“We’re ready because New Brunswick deserves better.”