NDP welcomes opening of Clinic 554

FREDERICTON – The NDP is welcoming the opening of new health clinic focused on providing health services to underserved groups in the province.

NDP Chief of Staff Brian Duplessis says the new clinic is positive news for the province for several reasons.

“Clinic 554 opening up at the site of the former Morgentaler clinic is the result of the combined efforts of progressive members of the medical community, Reproductive Justice New Brunswick and Fredericton Youth Feminists. It is wonderful news for furthering access to reproductive healthcare,” Duplessis said.

“Clinic 554 will provide a judgement-free zone for vulnerable and underserved groups in the province providing an important step for New Brunswick to develop a more progressive and inclusive healthcare system.”

The NDP gave credit to Premier Brian Gallant when he began the process of removing the barriers to abortion services in New Brunswick. We are now calling on the Premier to finish the job and fully fund the procedure in Clinic 554 as it is elsewhere in Canada. At the same time he should press his Minister of Health to immediately begin the provision of abortion services in hospitals throughout the province.

Duplessis said the clinic also provides an opportunity for the province to have a discussion about reforming the way some health services are delivered.

“Just like the Morgentaler clinic before it, Clinic 554 is going to be an example of how the private provision of public healthcare could be vital piece of our healthcare system,” Duplessis said.

“We believe that innovative, private providers of public healthcare can definitely be an opportunity to modernize how the province ensures timely and universal access to free, publicly-funded healthcare services.”