NDP Supports Medical Society’s call for Health Officer Independence

FREDERICTON – The New Brunswick New Democratic Party Leader supports the New Brunswick Medical Society’s call for a legislative guarantee of independence for public health officers from political interference. NDP Fredericton North Candidate Brian Duplessis said health and well-being of New Brunswickers must be the top priority.

“We need to allow our provincial health officers to protect New Brunswickers without fear or concern of political repercussions,” Duplessis said. “Quite frankly, this is a move that is long overdue.”

Duplessis said this move fits with the NDP’s commitment to removing politics from the public service wherever possible. He cited their successful effort to remove patronage from the hiring process for the NB Liquor CEO position.

“We have to get the looming shadow of political interference out of our public service. I can’t think of many areas where that is more critical than with our provincial public health officials,” Duplessis said.

Duplessis said an NDP government would introduce the legislation called for by the Medical Society.