NDP response to Official Languages Commissioner

FREDERICTON – New Brunswick NDP Leader Dominic Cardy responded to today’s press conference by Official Languages Commissioner Katherine d’Entremont in regards the ongoing investigation around language services offered at a government office.

Cardy expressed concern that d’Entremont continues to ignore the heart of the controversy: no person should be sole witness and investigator to their own complain. “You can’t be your own judge and jury,” Cardy said. “Ms. d’Entremont should have someone else in her office, or a qualified person from another office, undertake the investigation into the complaint she filed.”

Cardy continued to express concern over the lack of protection for the employee in question. “One of the key features of our legal system is innocence until proven guilty. The Commissionaire should not be punished until the facts of the case are known,” Cardy said. “I recognize the contractor is the responsible party here and they need to take action to protect their employees.”