Tax and spend Liberals

FREDERICTON – NDP Leader Dominic Cardy calls the Liberal’s so-called balanced economic plan misleading.

The Liberal plan will increase the debt and the deficit, Cardy said. “Yesterday Mr. Gallant announced $250 million in cuts through a Paul Martin-style program review. Today he said his party would increase spending by $300 million in their first year, adding $1.5 billion to the debt over four years.”

“Mr. Gallant has to be clear with New Brunswickers about how he will pay for this new spending. He’s talked about increasing taxes, centralizing power in the Premier’s Office and creating new Crown corporations that will answer directly to him.”

“New Brunswickers can’t wait six years to balance the books,” Cardy said. “The new NDP will balance the books within our first term with a clear plan to quickly reduce the debt by $1.1 billion.”

“Brian Gallant wants to add more to our debt than Shawn Graham. New Brunswick deserves better than the same old tax and spend Liberals.”