NDP promises to reverse the doubling of the seniors’ drug co-pay

Fredericton – NDP Leader Dominic Cardy announced this morning that an NDP government will reverse the doubling of the seniors’ prescription drug co-pay.

Cardy made the announcement in front of the Neville Manor with Fredericton North NDP candidate Brian Duplessis, who said the doubling of the co-pay was one of the reasons he decided to run for the NDP.

“This issue was a deal breaker for me,” Duplessis said. “We should not be forcing our seniors to pay money they can’t afford. They should not be on the hook for years of Liberal and Tory economic mismanagement.”

“Doubling the co-pay has hurt seniors on fixed and low incomes,” Duplessis said. “Many of them can’t afford it. As a result, in addition to this direct hardship, we are dealing with the hidden costs that come from more doctor visits, more ambulance use and longer hospital stays.”

“In 2012 the government doubled the amount seniors pay for their medication each year. A new NDP government will reverse that decision,” Cardy said.

This commitment will cost the province $3 million per year.