NDP presents clear contrast to Liberal plan

Fredericton – NDP Leader Dominic Cardy said he expects the attacks on him and his party to continue this week from Brian Gallant.

“Mr. Gallant falsely criticized us last week on our platform,” Cardy said. “Our plan is clear and detailed and I invite anyone to read it.”

“Mr. Gallant has continuously criticized the Conservatives for their arbitrary, across-the-board cuts,” Cardy said. “But he is not offering any contrast in his own party’s plans. Instead, he has arbitrarily announced that he will find $250 million in cuts without identifying them.”

“The new NDP is ready to offer New Brunswickers a clear contrast to Mr. Gallant’s plan,” Cardy said. “We have identified over $250 million in government inefficiencies and we are ready to present them to New Brunswickers.”

“New Brunswick deserves better than the tax and spend approach of Mr. Gallant,” Cardy said. “New Brunswick deserves better than empty promises. We have a clear plan that lays out the things we think government should be spending money on and the things it shouldn’t.”

“We’re ready because New Brunswick deserves better.”


Description Savings (millions)
Department of Economic Development 73.53
Invest NB Programs (minus administration) 45.42
Department of Economic Development Loans and Advance Programs 65.00
Reduction in size of cabinet 14.42
Government offices for MLAs 1.96
Leasing and Maintaining Department of Transportation buildings 44.72
Aboriginal Affairs Secretariat 1.05
Government Services Marketing/Web Design 0.92
Office of Human Resources 2.63
PETL – University Relations/Transformation 5.77
50% cut in Committee Allowances 4.05
Efficiency NB Administration 0.65
Non-environmental functions of fisheries offices 6.23
Department of Wellness and Healthy Communities Advertising budget 5.24
Support for Department of Local Government Action Plan 1.00
TOTAL 272.59