NDP Pledges To End Ban On Pride Flags At Schools

Fredericton – The New Brunswick New Democratic Party is denouncing a decision by the Premier’s office to not allow Leo Hayes High School to raise the Pride Flag in recognition of the school’s Pride Week. NDP Fredericton South candidate Kelly Lamrock says it completely sends the wrong message about LGBT inclusion.

“You can’t say you support inclusion and diversity and then refuse a group from flying the very symbol that represents that diversity,” Lamrock said.  “Young people who want to take a stand against bullying and for inclusion should be given support, not arbitrary rules.”

Lamrock believes the government needs to be reminded that policies can be changed with the stroke of a pen.

“The issue has come up before and the government can choose to change the policy”. Lamrock said. “And if Premier Alward, is really looking to reduce over-regulation, he could probably do without a school flag policy to begin with.”

Lamrock said the NDP would immediately get rid of any regulation that requires consent from the Premier’s Office in instances like the one at Leo Hayes.

“We’ve long been talking about empowering principals and teachers in our schools and this is a classic example of why this is necessary,” he said.  “An NDP government would create an environment where principals and students can choose how a school community expresses itself. I hope all opposition parties will join us in this clear commitment to allow high school students the freedom to fly the Pride Flag if it makes their communities safer and more inclusive.”