NDP pledges respect for civil servants

Fredericton – NDP Leader Dominic Cardy has promised that his party would put respect for New Brunswick’s civil servants as a top priority if elected later this month.

Cardy made the announcement in front of the Legislature.

“Our civil servants are going to be an integral part of getting New Brunswick back on track,” Cardy said. “The new NDP is ready to work with the civil service to face and overcome our challenges as a province.”

As a pledge of his party’s support and respect for the civil service, Cardy said his party will:

  • Introduce whistleblower legislation for civil servants. This commitment will have no financial consequences on the province;
  • Eliminate the ability of MLAs to hire or be involved in the hiring or firing of civil servants and make it against the law for MLAs to interfere in allocating or managing contracts. This commitment will have no financial consequences for the province; and
  • Stop the Liberal and Conservative practise of moving government offices out of opposition-held constituencies and into government held-constituencies. This commitment will provide savings for the province which cannot be determined at this time.

“When government is transparent and accountable we shouldn’t need things such as whistleblower legislation,” Cardy said. “Unfortunately in New Brunswick, this has not been the case.”

“Our civil servants deserve better than the Liberals and Tories using them as pawns in their old-style political games,” Cardy said. “The new NDP is ready to provide our civil servants with respect they deserve. We’re ready to work with civil servants to overcome our challenges. We’re ready.”

“Because New Brunswick deserves better.”