NDP Pledges Elimination of Small Business Tax

Fredericton – NDP Leader Dominic Cardy promised his party would eliminate the small business tax if elected later this month. Cardy made the announcement at Think Play, a popular downtown educational toy shop.

“The new NDP firmly believes that it is government’s job to create the environment that allows businesses to succeed and expand,” Cardy said. “That is why within our first six months of taking office we would eliminate the small business tax.”

“Small businesses are the foundation of our economy. Eliminating this tax will allow employers to hire more workers and expand their operations. It just makes sense. It’s the right thing to do.”

“The Liberals raised the small business tax to 5%, the Tories reduced it by 0.5% and only an NDP government would bring it to zero. We will take out the politics completely.”

Think Play owner Luke Randall says that the eliminating the small business would go a long way to helping New Brunswick businesses thrive. “Eliminating this tax is a definite way to keep New Brunswickers working at home,” Randall said.

“New Brunswick deserves better than the Liberals borrowing a billion dollars to buy temporary jobs. New Brunswick deserves better than the Tories hoping that someday shale gas will bring in hundreds of millions,” Cardy said. “We can’t afford to borrow a billion dollars and we can’t wait years down the road. New Brunswick deserves better.”

The cost of this commitment would be $32 million.