NDP opposes used car tax grab

FREDERICTON – New Brunswick NDP Leader Dominic Cardy is criticizing the proposed tax changes for used cars. These changes would see HST paid on the sale price or industry-determined price, whichever was higher. Currently, the tax is paid on the appraised value of the used car. Cardy said it is a back door tax hike by a Liberal government trying to balance the budget on the backs of consumers.

“It’s easy for cabinet ministers, who drive taxpayer-funded cars, to forget the financial burden they place on regular folks with unfair regulations,” Cardy said. “Instead of balancing the budget by cutting $300 million in corporate handouts, the Gallant government is nickel-and-diming New Brunswickers. Increased car registration charges, increased gas taxes and now this – the Liberals are hitting hard working New Brunswickers with more tax increases.”

Cardy said that the proposals are an unwelcome intrusion by the government into private business dealings. “The proposed regulations say no car can be valued below $1,000 for tax purposes. They say you can’t get an appraisal to determine a car’s value. That’s simply not how the market works. This proposal is a tax grab and it will only increase black market sales.”

“Premier Gallant needs to go after big ticket waste, like the millions handed out to a now failing shipbuilding project, and stop gouging New Brunswickers,” Cardy said.