NDP Nominates Stackhouse in Saint John Harbour

FREDERICTON – Former radio broadcaster Gary Stackhouse won the NDP nomination in Saint John Harbour Friday night at the Carleton Community Centre. Stackhouse defeated Wayne Dryer by a count of 43-33 in ballots cast.

“I am humbled and excited to carry the banner for the NDP in this community,” Stackhouse said. “There is much that needs to be done in our community, especially in the areas of poverty reduction, combating drug use, and providing accessible affordable housing. I look forward to tackling these issues on behalf of our community and to fight for a balanced budget and higher literacy rates.”

Stackhouse defended six of his colleagues through a lengthy labour disruption that was settled earlier this year. It was successfully resolved in part by Stackhouse voluntarily resigning so that his colleagues could benefit by an increase in salary and benefits.

NDP Leader Dominic Cardy was on hand to congratulate Stackhouse on his nomination victory and to welcome him to the team.

“Over the past two years, Gary has proven himself to be a champion of fairness, respect and equity,” Cardy said. “I am pleased he will continue to fight for these values in his community as an NDP candidate.”

Stackhouse said he looks forward to working with Dominic Cardy on issues that affect all New Brunswickers.

“I strongly believe in the direction Dominic Cardy is taking the NDP and in his plans for a richer, greener, fairer New Brunswick. I want to work alongside him in the fight to increase literacy in the province, eliminate corporate welfare and clean up government by making patronage and cronyism a thing of the past,” Stackhouse said.