NDP lays out plan for a creative economy

Fredericton – NDP Leader Dominic Cardy announced that his party would invest in a creative economy.

“The new NDP is committed to helping small businesses thrive in New Brunswick,” Cardy said. “This includes investments to ensure our creative economy becomes ever more vibrant.”

“A new NDP government will create the Culture Credit Program, which will include a tax credit to lower the costs on rental space for arts and culture purposes.”

“Artists have told us that they would welcome more business training opportunities,” Cardy said. “The new NDP will work with our community college network to create these opportunities, connecting artists with adequate small business training.”

Cardy also said that the NDP will work with municipalities to create legislation enabling cultural districts and art enterprise zones.

“Artists should be able to turn their passions into their livelihoods,” Cardy said. “A new NDP government would go further to ensure they can do just that.”

These commitments do not have financial consequences for the province that can be determined at this time.