NDP debt free as of April 1st is no April Fools’ joke

FREDERICTON – As of April 1st the New Brunswick NDP will officially be debt free.

“With the help of our outgoing Treasurer, countless volunteers and donors, the New Brunswick NDP has cleaned up all of its debt from decades past,” said Executive Director, Stephen Yardy. “As of April 1, we will have made the final payment on our election loan.”

“This definitely is not an April Fool’s joke,” Yardy said. “Our final payment is $13,000 and this ensures that we are ready to build for the next election earlier than ever before.”

“Through the hard work and vigorous efforts of our Treasurer, Executive and Leader we’ve paid down more than $30,000 in debt since 2010 along with erasing more than one hundred thousand in bad debt.”

“This is a monumental and symbolic day for us as a party,” Yardy said. “Simply, the New Brunswick NDP is in its best position ever to hold the two old parties to account.”