NDP announces plan for early childhood education and lifelong learning

FREDERICTON – NDP Leader Dominic Cardy laid out his party’s plans for early childhood education and lifelong learning.

Cardy made the announcement this afternoon at the Little Munchkins Preschool Center on Hanwell Rd in Fredericton.

“Building on the work of the McCain Foundation on Early Childhood Education, the new NDP will develop an action plan for a high-quality, affordable and universally accessible early childhood education system,” Cardy said.

“We will work with existing early childhood education centres to ensure all children have the chance to receive the skills and learning they need before entering the school system,” Cardy said. This commitment will cost $35.7 million.

This model is based on the system currently in use in PEI.

“A new NDP government will also work with the District Education Councils to draft a new Covenant on Literacy to provide better services to young people aged 16-26 who have substandard literacy or math skills, or who have not completed Grade 12,” Cardy said.

“While we are committed to achieving a 90% literacy rate in classrooms, we understand that if you have already completed Grade 12 and do not have the math and literacy skills needed to fully participate in the workforce, that is our fault as a province and a government, not yours,” Cardy said.

“Our children deserve better, our students deserve better and New Brunswick deserves better,” Cardy said. “We’re ready to serve.”