NDP Announces Plan for Agriculture and Local Food Producers

PERTH-ANDOVER – NDP Leader Dominic Cardy laid out his party’s plan for agriculture and local food and beverages this afternoon along with the NDP candidate for Carleton-Victoria and local farmer, Joe Gee.

“Agriculture is still a fundamental part of New Brunswick’s economy,” Cardy said. “An NDP government will further support local food and artisanal producers and farmers’ markets through a simplified New Brunswick Market Ready Program for food and product licensing, inspection, and labelling system.” (This cost is yet to be determined)

Cardy said the New Brunswick Market Ready would also include microbreweries.

“The new NDP will mandate the community college networks to provide agricultural training courses along with food processing courses and certificates,” Cardy said. “We will also allow for co-op kitchens to be established, providing independent incubation spaces for local food producers.”(This cost is yet to be determined)

Cardy said the NDP would strengthen protection of agricultural land by introducing an Agricultural Land Preservation and Accessibility Act. (There is no cost associated with this)

“To help farmers immediately,” Cardy said, “we reduce the cost of farm plates to $10 annually.”(This will cost $43,000 annually)