Municipalities not more bureaucracy should determine local economic development

FREDERICTON – The following is a statement by NDP Leader Dominic Cardy on the Liberal economic development announcement.

“Mr. Gallant needs to get his story straight. He tells us regional economic development agencies are ‘deeply flawed’ then goes ahead and proposes creating even more. He puts out a press release saying some of the current agencies will be maintained and then tells the media, on the same day, that he will scrap all the existing agencies. Which one is the truth?”

“It seems the Liberals want to add another layer of government bureaucracy on top of the broken system we already have. Mr. Gallant, we have powerful local economic development agencies – they’re called municipalities and the new NDP would give them the power to direct economic development. We need to take centralized bureaucracy out of economic development. Brian Gallant wants to entrench it.  New Brunswick deserves better.”