Mr. Gallant wrong on the numbers, again

FREDERICTON – NDP Leader Dominic Cardy has criticized the Liberal attacks on his party’s platform, calling them false.

“Given that Mr. Gallant doesn’t know the math in his own platform, how can he credibly attack ours? At the risk of him throwing more of his staff under the bus, we now have to criticize his numbers again,” Cardy said.

Some of the inaccuracies of the Liberal attack include:

• The Liberals claim that we would rescind the shared risk pension plan and it would cost $162.5 million per year. This is wrong. Our plan is to grandfather the COLA provisions for existing retirees and it will cost $4.2 million per year. Mr. Gallant has misrepresented our policy.

• The Liberals claim that we have not costed the provincial affordable housing strategy. This is wrong. The provincial affordable housing strategy already exists. Our plan is to incorporate the Housing First principles into the strategy which would not have a cost. The housing strategy was part of the Poverty Reduction Plan, which Mr. Gallant has claimed to have read no less than three times.

• The Liberals criticize us for not providing a cost for the restoration of the Petitcodiac River. Our party has committed support for the project on the inclusion of a fair funding formula with the federal government. However, in their own election commitment disclosure the Liberals say the project would have no financial consequences for the province!

These are just some of the many false points in the Liberal attack.

“For the Liberals to be attacking us they must be hearing the same thing at the door as we are,” Cardy said. “That is that New Brunswickers are ready for a change, but they are not willing to gamble with the same old tax and spend Liberals.”

“If the Liberals would pay more attention to their own plans maybe as parties we could have a proper discussion on ideas this last week of the campaign.”

“We’re ready because New Brunswick deserves better.