More taxes, more handouts, fewer teachers and no vision, Cardy says of budget

FREDERICTON – NDP Leader Dominic Cardy says the Liberals are up to their same old tricks when it comes to managing New Brunswick’s economy.

“Brian Gallant is reaching even deeper into the pockets of New Brunswick families again so he can fund huge handouts to his big business friends,” Cardy said. “The NDP would save more money by stopping the hundreds of millions in corporate welfare. The Gallant Liberals prefer to gouge New Brunswickers with more taxes.”

“The Liberals claim to have found $600 million in savings and revenues since taking office,” Cardy said. “But they only reduced the deficit by $150 million – this confirms the Liberals as the same old tax and spend party. Where is the vision for the future? Where’s the help for New Brunswickers struggling to gain the skills they need to get a job, the support for early childhood education so businesses can hire workers stuck at home? That money is gone, wasted on corporate welfare. Now they come back and take more money out of our pockets.”

“To this government, a vibrant private sector means allowing corporations to name government buildings,” Cardy said.

Cardy noted that the budget pushes the provincial debt to over $13 billion and the Liberals continue to put money into a contingency fund for their re-election.

“I’m really worried about Social Development putting a limit on the Health Services program,” Cardy said. “That will negatively affect many people in need.”

“Brian Gallant tells us that we need to make tough choices,” Cardy said. “Instead, this government is taking more from hard working New Brunswick families, continuing its attack our teachers and students, and continuing to hand hundreds of millions in wasted corporate handouts.”

“Social Development Minister Cathy Rogers said last year that raising the HST is the lazy way. I agree.”