More Reckless Ideas from the Tax and Spend Liberals

FREDERICTON – NDP Leader Dominic Cardy is criticizing the Liberal spending announcement of $900 million for being misguided and a blatant attempt to buy votes in this campaign.

“The Liberals have shown once again that they are more interested in playing politics with New Brunswick’s economy,” Cardy said. “Instead of the old style road politics of election time, such as the twinning of Route 11, a new NDP government would actually invest in training workers so that they have the necessary skills to succeed in the private sector.”

Cardy was also critical of the Tories announcement that they would subsidize specific industries in the province with a wage top-up.

“This is not the 1970s,” Cardy said. “New Brunswick deserves better than this outdated and misguided notion that the government needs to buy jobs with roads and subsidies to specific industries. New Brunswick deserves better than the tax and spend Liberals and same old Tories.”