More handouts and fewer teachers? Boudreau misses the point, Cardy says

FREDERICTON – NDP Leader Dominic Cardy says the Liberal government has missed an opportunity to turn New Brunswick around with today’s government spending review announcement.

“There is no plan to stop hundreds of millions in failed corporate handouts,” Cardy said. “Ironic today when the Minacs call centre in Bathurst closes and Minacs in Fredericton says it will soon follow.” Minacs received $1.5 million from the provincial government in 2011.

“The government has already cut 300 teachers and millions in education resources. Now they want fewer teachers and bigger class sizes,” Cardy said. “Brian Gallant, Victor Boudreau and Serge Rousselle need to let teachers, parents, and principals run the school system – and perhaps head back to school themselves.”

“Today’s announcement is a missed opportunity. There is no talk of serious reform. No talk about hard choices on healthcare spending. Just cutting into programs we need and ignoring the waste that Liberals want. This is a plan to drive taxes up, services down, and investment out,” Cardy said. “The NDP has already proposed hundreds of millions of dollars in spending reductions. The Liberals have shown they’re not ready to listen and unable to lead.”

The NDP will offer a detailed response to the government’s announcement in the coming week.