MacMullin to run for NDP in Moncton East

FREDERICTON – Energy consultant Roy MacMullin accepted the NDP nomination for Moncton East Monday night. MacMullin said as an MLA, he would push to get New Brunswick’s citizens more involved in the democratic process.

“My goal as an NDP MLA for Moncton East would be to involve citizens in the democratic process, provide transparency and good government, and ensure public funds are directed to programs that provide the greatest benefit to all New Brunswickers,” MacMullin said.

NDP Leader Dominic Cardy said he looks forward to hitting the campaign trail with MacMullin in the coming weeks.

“Roy has been a voice for his community for many years and he will be a strong voice for the constituents of Moncton East,” Cardy said.

MacMullin worked in the distribution system of NB Power for 30 years before founding He ran for leader of the GPNB against David Coon in 2012. Like many others, MacMullin was drawn to the NDP by Dominic Cardy’s message of making New Brunswick the richest, greenest, and fairest province in Canada.

“Dominic Cardy is the only leader willing to tackle our biggest issues head on,” MacMullin said. “Whether it is debt reduction, eliminating corporate welfare, or increasing literacy in the province, I look forward to working alongside Dominic Cardy to make it happen.”