Liberals playing politics with youth mental health disgraceful, Cardy says

FREDERICTON – NDP Leader Dominic Cardy says the decision to build a youth mental health facility in Campbellton is the same old Liberal politics at play.

“Once again the Liberals are blatantly ignoring the advice of several experts,” Cardy said.

“The Liberals are attacking seniors, students, and daycare owners,” Cardy said. “Now they are attacking youth with mental illnesses and their families.”

“This centre simply needs to be built in close proximity to where the majority of kids live,” Cardy said.

“Instead of listening to experts like Bernard Richard and Maureen Bilerman, the Liberals are too worried about whether or not Don Arsenault will get elected again.”

“The Liberals are trying to promote a fight between the north and the south when they should be focused on helping our youth,” Cardy said. “When they should be helping kids like Ashley Smith, they are promoting failed economic development policies.”

“It is utterly shameful,” Cardy said.

“The NDP understands the need for economic development, but this is not the way to achieve that,” Cardy said. “Instead, the NDP work with municipalities allowing them to have decision-making power on their economic futures.”

“New Brunswick deserves better.”