Liberals continue to ignore the real problems, Cardy says

FREDERICTON – NDP Leader Dominic Cardy is criticizing today’s Throne Speech, saying Brian Gallant and the Liberals are still willfully ignoring the real issues and wasteful spending in New Brunswick.

“The Liberals are ready to raise taxes on every New Brunswicker. They are continuing to attack teachers and the education system, ensuring that New Brunswick’s children are not getting the world class education they deserve,” Cardy said. “They are promising higher taxes for fewer services.”

“The Throne Speech and the program review shows that only two things are sacred to this government: patronage appointments and corporate handouts,” Cardy said. “Everything else – your job, your child’s education, your retirement savings, your local hospital – is on the table.It’s time for Brian Gallant to stop putting politics first.”

“Every year the government wastes hundreds of millions on handouts to corporations, something the Gallant Liberals are fine with,” Cardy said. “The Liberals have given us Atcon. They have given us the mess with the Bas Caraquet shipyard. Before more taxes and firing teachers, this waste should be targeted as a significant cost-saving measure.”

“Once the money is gone, these companies pack up and leave, if they don’t go bankrupt before that” Cardy said. “The most recent example being the Minacs call centre announcing its closing last week. When will the government stop this short sighted and failed policy of simply handing millions to big corporations?”

“The Liberals have shown that as long as they get to cut ribbons, they’re willing to cut schools, hospitals, social programs and senior care,” Cardy said. “New Brunswick has paid too much for the “politics first, people second” approach of Brian Gallant. We don’t need more of the same.”