Liberal strategy a “recipe for bigger and better Atcons” says Cardy

FREDERICTON – Today’s Liberal ‘job creation’ announcement shows a firm determination to repeat the failures of previous Liberal and Conservative governments, says NBNDP Leader Dominic Cardy.

“Our economy is in trouble because Liberals and Conservatives believe the only way to create jobs is through bigger government programs run by politicians. That’s a recipe for bigger and better Atcons.”

“We already have too much political interference in job creation. The solution is to let the private sector do its job, which is to create jobs and sell goods and provide services the public wants. That’s why the new NDP will reduce the number of government departments from 17 to ten.” Cardy said. “That why we’re calling for devolution to municipalities so they can have more say in economic development. The Liberals are proposing doing the same old thing in a brand new way. New Brunswick deserves better.”

Cardy questioned Mr. Gallant’s management abilities. “Mr. Gallant says he’ll personally set and enforce job creation targets. Anyone with experience running a large company or organization knows that’s a recipe for disaster and paralysis,” Cardy said. “We have to let the public service do their jobs, to use their creativity and expertise. Having an inexperienced politician overseeing your work is not the way to go.”

Cardy expressed concern at the requirement that every department have a staff member dedicated to finding ways to make money. “I do not want staff in the department of Health or Social Development to be thinking how they can make money. I want them focussed on delivering the world’s best healthcare and child protection services.”

In contrast, Cardy said the new NDP has a clear plan to get the economy moving and get New Brunswickers working. “It’s not the role of government to create jobs. It’s the role of government to create the conditions so the private sector can grow. The new NDP will introduce a New Jobs Tax Credit, a proven and non-political job creator which rewards businesses that hire new employees. We will eliminate the small business tax. These strategies work.” Cardy said.

“I have not met one business owner who said we need a new crown corporation, or who wants to have the Premier micro-managing the economy. The government’s job is to run world-class public services, not pick winners and losers in the private sector. New Brunswick deserves better than another government that’s already planning to be incompetent.”